Friday, August 2, 2013

"That Couple"

I've come to the realization that Chris and I are "that couple." You all know that couple, maybe you are that couple too. Maybe we should start a "that couple" club...but then again, we would probably make plans to meet and never do it.

What do I mean by "that couple"? I'm glad you asked. In order to be "that couple" you must be constantly making plans to do something fun together/with others and canceling after further thought.

For example, Chris and I made plans about 2 hours before, to go to First Thursday on the Square. Music, drinks, local artists, and the farmers market. Best thing, it's free if you don't buy food or drinks. So, Chris meets me at work right before we are suppose to go and by the time I had finished closing down, I had decided I was too tired and hungry to go out. Not a huge deal; however, we do this ALL the time. We are "that couple." 

"That couple" is constantly thinking of awesome things to do--concerts, all night ragers, movie dates, etc.--and are either too tired or too lazy to follow through with it and therefore spend their entire night parked on the couch watching reruns of Southland or other gender neutral tv shows. Sometimes if you want to have a big night, you turn on Keeping up with the Kardashians. Scott always brightens up any date night.

The night then ends with one or both of you either tipsy (and for Chris, wearing his helmet and goggles while sitting on the couch) or requesting foot massages <--bet you can't guess who that is.

You all know which couple I'm talking about. Let me give you a hint, if you can't think of "that couple" in your group of friends, it probably means that you are "that couple". 

Are you "that couple" in your group of friends?

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  1. Oh no- I'm definitely part of "that couple" as well. I wonder if people dislike us for it... xx

  2. We are that couple and I hate it yet love it at times. I actually wrote a post about this recently because we are so "that couple". We could do anything to tonight (we have a babysitter for the first time in awhile) and all we want to do is get food and eat in bed as we watch a movie. When we do force ourselves to do stuff we always have a good time so I'm not sure why we have to force ourselves to get out there.

  3. We are turning into that couple. Before we lived together, we went out all the time because it was a fun excuse to get together. Now we're like.... wanna just get a pizza instead? YYYUP.

  4. That is hysterical! I live in NYC so it seems like nothing is free anymore but I try to drag my boyfriend out of the house to do things like this!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  5. Baha! Ummm... Chris and I turned down a friend gathering in June due to a NCIS marathon on tv... We were still tired from the wedding/honeymoon/moving.... Yup I sometime don't mind being "that couple" :)

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  7. We are that couple for sure. At first it was because we were broke, now I would rather eat free pizza, get wine buzzed on my couch, and not have to worry about getting home.

  8. I think we would be that couple were it not for my husband. He has energy for days to get out and do then he drags me along with him! It's good though because I might never go anywhere otherwise.