Monday, August 19, 2013

The Zookeepers' Main Squeeze

1. Best quote of the entire weekend came from Chris...naturally. "What's our cover story? If we are going to look at houses we need a cover story. (Thoughtful look on his face.) I've got it! I am a zookeeper and you are the zookeepers' main squeeze." Oh yeah, we went to a couple open houses. My favorite is the one pictured above.

2. Hello beautiful! My life will now be all organized, or as Chris would say "you better be $75 worth of organized now." Erin Condren planners are worth it!

3. Literally the BEST movie I've been to in a long time, The Butler. My friend, Whitney, made me go see it Sunday afternoon and I'm so glad she did; however, she told me that I "don't have a soul" because I didn't bawl during the entire movie like she did. **Disclaimer...I do have a soul.**

4. Chris and I finally picked out our bedding. It was a long process on Saturday night, but we finally agreed on the bedding listed above for our master bedroom. Seriously, the HARDEST part about getting married is trying to decorate in a gender neutral manner.

What did you do this weekend? Have you seen The Butler? Thoughts?

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  1. That house looks super cute, good luck with the house hunting! Love the bedding, good neutral choice. And I haven't seen that movie, might have to check it out.