Thursday, August 1, 2013

Providing Sustainable Employment

A couple of days ago Lydali contacted me to partner with them in giving my readers insight into what they are all about. I jumped at the opportunity after reading up about them. Here's a little tidbit about what I learned about them:

Lydali partners with artisans around the world to offer one of a kind pieces of jewelry, household items, and other miscellaneous items, all hand-crafted. In addition, they provide sustainable employment for these individuals. Prior to Lydali these artisans would most likely be stuck selling their products in solely their respective towns. With Lydali, they can now sell their unique products across the globe.

Now, back to the jewelry! The green Miriam necklace is made in Nashville, TN by ladies being employed from off the streets ($36). The Hand-hammered Bombshell Bracelet is from Cambodia and crafted from melted down bombshells ($38). The Purple Agate Drusy Earrings are made by artisans in Brazil and plated with 18k gold ($48).  The Monogram Necklace is hand stamped by the ladies in Nashville and is covered in gold with a 17" chain ($30).

If you're like me, you absolutely adore each of these pieces and can think of several outfits that each will pair perfectly with. If so, please use this code "TOBYTAILS15"for 15% off your purchase today through August 10th!

What's your favorite piece from Lydali

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  1. love that monogram necklace!!!! Do you know if they have a shop in Nashville?

  2. I adore that monogram necklace! Oh my gosh. It's wonderful.