Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Sponsor Sale

Happy Easter!

The sponsorship sale continues through today!

In honor of Easter, receive any ad space half off! Use code "Toby for Hire"!

If you're interested in seeing my stats and mission statement, look here.
Also, don't forget to enter Beth's custom blog design GIVEAWAY!
Welcome, all of my new sponsors, Allison from Allison Leighann, Rebecca from Caravan Sonnet, and Boutique Sui Numeris.
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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Sponsorship Sale!!!


In honor of Easter, and the fact that I finished a 5k feeling pretty good I'm offering 50% off all ads!

Use code "TobyForHire"
Check out my new stats sheet info below:
Toby’s Tails Blog
established January 2013
Focusing on fashion, good deals, DIY, home décor, and other beauty and lifestyle topics, Toby’s Tails prides itself on honest reviews of products and also enjoys occasionally writing about the relationship with God; therefore, there is no explicit language, vulgar statements, graphic pictures, etc.
Working with an entry level income, Toby’s Tails tries to provide its readers with budget friendly fashion (although, not necessarily thrift store shopping like most others) and DIY projects. Why pay for something when you can make it with better quality and less money? Our mission is to inspire women to find their true selves, while informing them on countless home décor, fashion, and money saving deals.
Why should you consider Toby’s Tails for a product review and marketing for your business/shop?
Current as of 3/29/13
·         GFC Followers:  300
·         Bloglovin’ Followers: 94
·         Toby’s Tails + Personal Facebook Page: 1058
·         Twitter Followers: 62
·         Avg. Page Views/Day: 250-300
·         Total Page Views to date: 10334

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Friday, March 29, 2013

Bags, Blog design, Goodies, and Giveaways

1. A couple weeks ago I ordered a camera strap cover for my camera and got it in this week. Isn't it adorable?! Ordered it from, but email me and I can give you the shop owners info.

2. My boss was in town this week, which means we went to Ruth's Chris for dinner on the company dime. #winning #foodcoma

3. In case you haven't noticed, I got a new blog design and I LOVE it!

4. In regards to #3, my friend Beth, just set up her website and we are hosting a giveaway for a custom blog design! Check it out here.

5. I gave in and ordered a custom Molly bag from Better Life Bags. So excited!

Since it's been such a looooong week, I'm offering ad spots 50% off today! Use code "TobyForHire" here.

Linking up with Lauren for High Five for Friday and Marquis for That Friday Blog Hop.

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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Blog Design GIVEAWAY!

 Toby's Tails
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Breaking News:
There's a new and final design on Blop today! Isn't she a beaut'! I'm in LOVE and I can't quit looking it!
Guess what???
You're in luck because my old roomie, Beth (designer of this blog) has decided to giveaway a custom blog design to one lucky reader!

Beth and I go wayyyy back! She's a graphic designer and has a ton of experience with website design. Although she's new to the blogging world, I asked her to make me a custom blog layout and it took her two days to figure out how to install and create everything for it. She's a pro! She does this for a living!
If you're new to the blogging world and don't want to pay for a custom layout quite yet, she makes and sells premade designs at a decent rate. Say you want a custom design, she works with you to achieve your dream design. I am NOT the easiest person to work with, but she pushed through it and produced this awesome design.
To enter to win a free custom blog design from Beth, use the giveaway tool below. In the meantime, check out her portfolio (which is still in progress) here.
Please note that you can earn an automatic $10 credit to use on any of Beth's services for just blogging about this! (And you earn 10 entries on top of that).
The winner will be verified and emailed the day after the end of the giveaway.

Also linking up with Bloglovin' Collective.
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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Loft and Lenae

top: Loft
crops: Loft
shoes: Payless (old)
jewelry: c/o Jaime

Today we have a special treat for you! If you haven't noticed, it's not me in the pictures today...shocker, I know. Today is all about Lenae and her Loft success!
This weekend Lenae went to Loft and walked out with what you see her wearing. Everything was 40% off which made the top only $30 and the crops only $32. If you've ever shopped at Loft then you can attest that her finds were a great deal! And being short means that finding crops that actually fit is a challenge in itself. Basically, her trip was a huge success!
What spring clothes have you bought recently that fit like a glove and look even better???

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Babies, Babies, Babies...and Cats???

I figured I would give in and make a gender nuetral nursery since the majority of society is having babies right now...but seriously.

While waiting on that RING, I'm focusing on building my prestige, olympian cat collection. Toby's out, but Tillie's still in. The only olympic trait Toby has, is his gold-medal worthy timing of holding his poop in all day until I get in the shower to wash my hair. Thanks Toby. Anyway, the point I'm trying to make is...
Why fill this glorious nursery with babies, babies, babies when you could be filling it with cats, cats, cats??? I mean, I'm just saying...

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Just Because link up with Northern Belle Diaries

Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring Breakers Movie Review

What did Chris and I do this weekend? Well, let's see...we went and saw a couple movies; one of which was Spring Breakers.
The previews for this movie made it appear to run the same lines as the movie Savages with Blake Lively.

Chris and I thought, "what the heck, let's go see a couple movies on Saturday and Spring Breaker's looks pretty good." Little did we know.

All the reviews for this movie said that it was James Franco's best performance yet and that the Disney girls have "gone wild."  Let's just say only one of those are true.

In order for you to understand the disappointment and resentment in spending a whopping $6.75 for a ticket, I will summarize the entire movie for you.

1. Starts with about 15 minutes of spring break "girls gone wild" footage. Ladies, if you have a significant other, you will spend the duration of the movie resisting the impulse to cover his eyes.

2. Four trashy girls decide to rob a restaurant for money for spring break. Then, because of the "artistic" direction of the movie, everything that was said was repeated throughout the movie.

3. Drugs, alcohol, nudity, and cursing were the focal point of this movie. Between that and Vanessa Hudgens hair screaming to get her roots touched up, there wasn't much more for you to focus on.

4. They spend their money on scooters, so when they get arrested, they have no money for bail. Scooters?! Disney much?

5. Creepy drug dealer (James Franco) bails them out, sends Selena Gomez home, gets pink haired girl shot, and screws Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Benson in a pool...together...for five minutes.

6. In retaliation to pink haired girl getting shot, Vanessa, Ashley, and James go on a killing spree of the opposing drug dealer. James is shot by the first guy they see. Ashley and Vanessa then continue on killing all 25 people at the house each using a pistol. I mean, I'm no gun expert but I'm pretty sure they didn't have enough bullets for that...but what do I know.

7. If this wasn't enough, the entire movie consisted of snip-its of "girls gone wild" footage, James Franco saying "Spring break forever", and weird lighting clips that would only be acceptable if you were high or drunk while watching.

Why am I telling you all of this? We had people walk out of the theater. We stayed because we had paid to see it. If you were even considering going to watch this movie, DON'T! I'm just trying to save you the money, time, and water bill you will incur from trying to clean yourselves from the disgust you will pick up from watching it.

Hope this helps you make an informed decision prior to spending the money at the theaters.

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Friday, March 22, 2013

Date nights, beauty essentials, and Toby...


1. I show up to work on Monday to find these two lovelies sitting on my desk. Thank you Amy for picking these up from the beauty store at a discount!
2. Toby and I decided to keep the chair we were asking about on Tuesday. If you missed it, catch it here.
3. Chris is in town for spring break so that meant a full week of boyfriend time :)))))
4. We date night-ed it up last night with dinner and a movie. Silver Linings Playbook was great and worth the money! Mom, if you're reading would hate it. But everyone else, it's great!
5. Chris was kind enough to help me pick out a new lipstick from Bare Minerals this week. Review to come!
What did your weeks look like? Linking up with Lauren for H54F!

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

DIY State Coffee Mugs

 Toby's Tails
<div align="center"><a href="" title="Toby's Tails"><img src="" alt="Toby's Tails" style="border:none;" /></a></div>

Long overdue, but here it finally easy, cute coffee mug DIY.
Red fine point oil based sharpie
Black fine point oil based sharpie
Two matching porcelain coffee mugs (Target/TJ Maxx)
Paper, double-sided tape, scissors
1. This is optional, but Lenae and I found it was easier to do this than free-hand. We printed outlines of our respective states, cut them out, and taped them to our mugs.
2. Draw around the paper outline with the black sharpie to create your state outlines. Pull the paper state outline off the mug.
3. Using the red sharpie, draw a heart in the area where you live and where the receiver of the other mug lives.
4. Draw little red or black dots in the form of a line from one heart to the other.
5. Write "Miss" and "You!" on the inside of the mugs.
6. Optional: turn the mugs around and draw the opposite state on the other side of each mug, connecting the dotted lines to the back side of the mug. Now the mugs don't have to be together to get the full effect.
 **Note: if you mess up drawing with the sharpie, simply wipe off with nail polish remover.**
7. Put mugs in the oven at 350 degrees for 45 minutes.
Voila! You're done! I would handwash your mugs for the first couple washes just in case the sharpies don't stay.

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

bright lights, big city

top: riffraff $26
skirt: riffraff $16
shoes: charming charlie $15
purse: alice & olivia via tj maxx $40
necklace: riffraff $26
shades: target $17

 Besides the obvi- I need a tan, desperately- I'm loving these bright colors for spring. Last week I shared my lighter pastels (if you missed it, check it out here), but this week I thought I'd bring out the brights from my closet. One thing you can't tell from the pictures is that this top is the open back style. It has a slit in the back, so as you bend over, so does the shirt (gotta remember to be careful with this style). The skirt is actually a pencil skirt, but I decided to keep the shirt untucked.

Thoughts??? Too bright? Should the shirt be tucked in or left out?

**Thanks to Chris, who's visiting, for the great photography**
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