Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Buyer's Remorse...

So, this weekend my mom and I went to the TJ Maxx Home Goods store to shop around a little. I am NOT an impulse buyer. I actually sit and think about how one purchase will affect my entire budget for the month. Typically, I get what some might call...buyer's anxiety. With buyer's anxiety, you are more susceptible to buyer's remorse. Thus, creates our post for today.
Check out the adorable little chair we found at Home Goods. Ultimately it's perfect for my ideal bedroom/office. If you missed my bedroom tour, check it out here.

Alright, so what's my problem you ask??? It's basically my entire office area in my bedroom. The desk I love but it's dark compared to the rest of the furniture in my bedroom.

 Ideally, I would love for my office area to look like this. Moodboards are great for giving you a glimpse into how you could decorate your space.
Anyway, back to the topic at hand...was this chair worth $130? It's cute and perfect, yes. However, should I have spent $130 on a chair? I'm having a horrible case of buyer's remorse. This chair would be the first piece in the ideal bedroom office I want. Help! Take it back? Keep it and continue pursuing this ideal office?
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  1. I agree $130 is a lot for just a chair, but if you love it and it goes with your theme and inspiration then use it as your starting point! Have you looked around to price similar chairs? I have a feeling that if that one is good quality, you may have a deal! I'm also no better when it comes to buyers remorse.

  2. I looooove the chair. I agree that it is a lot of money but well worth it. If you keep it, in a couple of months you'll be glad you did!

  3. Keep it! And add a brightly colored/pattern throw to hang over edge or big pillow to sit there when you aren't....I'm a bad influence I know ;)

  4. OK.... Here's my ramble on this!

    1. you bought it. IF you take it back, and you can't find the next "perfect" chair, you will want to go and re-purchase it.... that's how I always feel and then it's not there!

    2. Also rooms have to have that "staple" item that you base the entire room, or future room off of. IF this chair, per your post above, is the perfect chair for your future room and exactly what you want... then keep it and make it work for now! Then, as you continue to buy for that "perfect" room and look you can base it all off the chair to make sure you always incorporate the chair into the future look.

    3. It's ADORABLE! Side note: they just opened a Marshall's and HomeGoods in Rogers and you better believe i'm going to shopping there just as soon as we close on our house! ee!

    So- there's my three cents! woohoo!it's cute! :)

  5. Love the chair! But... I don't think I could stomach the price tag :( I think I would try to find one at the thrift store and then DIY it... but then it might be more trouble than it's worth. I think it's adorable and if you can afford it, it's great :)

    Thank you for linking up with the Anything & Everything Blog Hop!

    xo Tori

  6. LOVE the chair. If you're calling it perfect, it's worth the price.

  7. I'm loving the chair! It looks just like your moodboard!!

  8. Keep the chair! Any standard office chair that is decently comfortable would be about $100 and yours is WAY cuter! Love that the board coordinates perfectly!

    XO Samantha

  9. Keep it!! Its a great piece and you can slowly start swapping things out to make your office how you like it. Or you can always use the chair somewhere else in the house.

  10. I found your blog from the link up today! I love it! Also, I really like the chair, I say keep it! It's versatile so it may be a piece you have for a long time!


  11. no matter where you end up using it it is a fabulous piece. i totally want it as my office chair!!!