Thursday, March 28, 2013

Blog Design GIVEAWAY!

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Breaking News:
There's a new and final design on Blop today! Isn't she a beaut'! I'm in LOVE and I can't quit looking it!
Guess what???
You're in luck because my old roomie, Beth (designer of this blog) has decided to giveaway a custom blog design to one lucky reader!

Beth and I go wayyyy back! She's a graphic designer and has a ton of experience with website design. Although she's new to the blogging world, I asked her to make me a custom blog layout and it took her two days to figure out how to install and create everything for it. She's a pro! She does this for a living!
If you're new to the blogging world and don't want to pay for a custom layout quite yet, she makes and sells premade designs at a decent rate. Say you want a custom design, she works with you to achieve your dream design. I am NOT the easiest person to work with, but she pushed through it and produced this awesome design.
To enter to win a free custom blog design from Beth, use the giveaway tool below. In the meantime, check out her portfolio (which is still in progress) here.
Please note that you can earn an automatic $10 credit to use on any of Beth's services for just blogging about this! (And you earn 10 entries on top of that).
The winner will be verified and emailed the day after the end of the giveaway.

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  1. love the new blog #1. Two your roomie should totes re do mine mid-may after I get fab wedding pics and become a full time blogger again :D The color's i'd pick, Silver sparkle, grey, lavendar... pretty classic and neutral! :D

  2. I would probably pick pinks and blues

  3. Seriously love this new design!! So cute, clean, just perfect!! Beth is quite talented. :)

  4. I would choose pretty spring colors!!! :)


  5. I'm actually not sure what colors I would choose! But definitely something spring-y as well. (: I love pastel colors.

  6. I'd use colours like pink, purple, red, orange and so on or just pink and purple.Perhaps I could change my mind still though!

  7. I'd probably choose peach and light teal for my colors. Love this giveaway! I've been saving up for a new design!