Monday, March 18, 2013

What's in your suitcase???

With spring break coming up for all of you lucky teachers and students, and other countless vacations during this upcoming season, I thought I'd share my must-have vacation pieces. Granted, most of these are for a beach or summer type vacation, but they are all still on my "to buy" list for this summer.

5. iPad mini (or any internet capable e-reader)
These are my spring/summer vacation must haves. What are yours?

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  1. Those target wedges are so major!! I would love to own a vintage suitcase, my only problem is that I don't enjoy packing and am usually last minute so I throw everything in my suitcase and those don't roll. I could just see myself tripping all over the suitcase in the airport. Not a good look haha! Found ya on the link-up. Looking foward to following you!

  2. hey there. I'm Laney and a Newbie here. Hope you can come and follow me back!


  3. I totally agree with the iPad. I couldn't travel without it! And I'm on the hunt for more maxi dresses and maxi skirts. So comfortable and stylish!!

  4. Cute blog! found you through the blog madness! :)

  5. Currently trying to pack for spring break and wish I didn't have so many "must haves" bag is bursting at the seams! ha ha