Monday, March 11, 2013

Blog Design and Q&A

Hey pretty ladies! It's Monday again...and will be Monday each day until Friday. Can I get an Amen?!

Anyway, first things first, this weekend Lenae and I crafted (successfully) and therefore, will be sharing this awesome DIY with you later this week.

Other than that, I had a pretty uneventful weekend. One thing did stick out though. My friend, Beth (designer of my blog design), and I had a productive conversation about getting her portfolio and blog up and running this week. If you're interested in getting a custom blog design done we could probably work out some kind of deal since she is just starting up and trying to build up her portfolio.

Let me start out by saying, Beth is a graphic designer and photographer, so this isn't anything new to her. She has designed multiple websites and other various projects. Blog design is relatively new, but she literally had mine done in a day. If you know what you want and can articulate it, she can give you it and more.
Anyway, more to come on this later this week. Also, stay tuned to changes in my blog design as she tests out new layouts on my blog. Next one should be up by Wednesday! Let me know your thoughts.
Second topic of conversation: Q&A
Funny Flirting Ecard: You make me want to shave my legs.......
Another thing I did this weekend (for the first time in FOREVER) was shave my legs. Why you ask?
Chris and my mom will be here on Friday! Hallelujah! They just have to survive the car ride together... 
With that in mind, Chris has been willing forced into doing a video series, or vlog series, with me next week. Since everyone seemed to like what he had to say, I thought we could open up the floor to any questions or topics of conversations you'd like to hear answered or talked about. Ideas I've had include:
Adapting to long distance relationships
Names Chris has given me and why
Blog legal advice (i.e. copyrights, design and writing rights, etc.)

How we would dress each other for WIWW-without any help/stopping from the other
I don't know, we need some ideas and/or questions for this. He's dying to let his sarcasm show again.


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  1. baha making Chris use his law degree for legal bloggy questions- nice practice!! After April 27 I'm going to have to bloggy up do mine with Wedding things!! Sooo keep me in mind ;) YAY you get to see fam and boo this weekend!!

  2. oh and legit love the mug! I have 3 craft projects for the week.. wew.

  3. I love that mug!!!! So so cute!! Slash as a fellow long distancer I know the excitement that comes when finally shaving the legs cause you're going to see your man! Haha love your blog!!


  4. I love those mugs! Also. I cracked up, literally out loud, when I read that you shaved your legs just for your guy. That's hilarious. And I relate so well. Haha.

  5. Also! I nominated you for an award, and I would love it if you'd go check it out! (: