Friday, June 28, 2013

June Favorites

1. I have the best family and fiance ever, all of which got me some great birthday presents. The one I really enjoy is my Hobo wallet my sister got me. I pull it out of my purse every chance I get it.

2. My favorite outfit from this month was my travel outfit. You can check it out here.

3. Chris and I took our engagement pictures this past week and the only picture I snapped was this one with my sister. The white, lace dress was one of my two outfits I wore.

4. Umm, hello peachy, fatty orgasm in my mouth.<<--too much? Lindsey made the BEST cookie recipe I've found this month. Check it out here.

5. Have you entered my favorite giveaway of the month, Shabby Apple $50 gift card giveaway.

6. New favorite website, checked daily I might add. Darby Smart sends you boxes of supplies for specific Pinterest projects.

7. Branson vacation with these cool cats, a.k.a. my fam and Chris. I pulled out the half "what's up" nod for this picture.

What were your favorite things this month/week???

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

I'm Baaaaaack!

Hello my friends! Long time, no talk. Sorry I've been MIA for the last three days but I believe I've left you in capable hands...and with a giveaway. Vacation was a blast and I will be sure to fill you in on everything later (when I actually have pictures to share). 

Anywho, my lease on my apartment is coming up soon and I've been considering setting up an office in the spare room I hope to have. With that in mind, I'm totally open to your suggestions on decor and votes on which set up you like the most.





Which one is your favorite? Do you have any decor suggestions for me??? Have you redone your office lately--if so, please leave a link to the pictures in a comment, I'd love to see what you did!

Don't forget to enter to win a teeth whitening kit and Shabby Apple gift card.

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Shabby Apple Giveaway

Shabby Apple was kind enough to reach out and offer my fab readers the opportunity to win a $50 gift card to their lovely store!

Have you visited their online boutique yet??? Shabby Apple is an online dress boutique that specializes in vintage and retro dresses. Interested in seeing exactly what I mean by vintage...check out their vintage dresses here.

Seriously y'all, had I had enough time, I would have ordered at least two outfits for my engagement pictures from Shabby Apple. If I won the gift card I would probably spend it on this, this, or this.

What would you spend your gift card on???

*winner will be verified

Don't forget to enter to win a free teeth whitening kit here!

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Nashville, Cowboy Boots, and a Meet & Greet!

Hi y'all! I'm Jessica and I blog over at Blissfully Miller, which houses my ramblings for our DIY projects, recipes, my style, being a newlywed & new homeowner and any and everything in between!!

I'm planning a weekend getaway to Nashville with some of my blogger besties..So naturally I started a 'Weekend Getaway' series to help me pack for the trip! I've already outlined the travel day essentials, if you missed it - check it out here! This week I wanted to depict a casual night on the town.. and since our destination town is Nashville, cowgirl boots are a must! I have been loving the dress with boots combo, so that was a must for me! Add a few pops of color with accessories and you're ready to hit the town honky tonks!

Huge thanks to Jaime for letting me take over Toby's Tails!! :) If y'all are wanting some amazing recipes, be sure to check out my blog for Taste of Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday y'all!

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Monday, June 24, 2013

Your Go-To for DIY!

Hey there love muffins! I'm Allison and I blog over at Texas Mrs.

I hope you don't mind me taking over Toby's Tails today. But it just so happens that I kinda sorta adore Jaime. There may be a little over 346 things that I enjoy most about her, but let's just cover one of the big ones today. It all boils down to two little words: DIY Projects. 

Over the past couple of years, Pinterest and I have become BFFs.

Pretty much every weekend, I am hitting up Hobby Lobby for my latest needs. And you bet your sweet little heart that I have made some pretty awesome stuff. For instance, this beauty here:
It's completely perfect for the upcoming holiday, amiright?! Speaking of, that just so happens to be my favie holiday of all time. Yes, even more than Christmas. Don't get me wrong, I love celebrating baby Jesus being born. However, there's something about red, white, and blue that makes my heart go pitter patter.

Some other not-so-patriotic projects that I've made are...

+ A cute Mr. & Mrs. sign to hang above my dresser.

+ A cake stand with candle stick and plate of your choice.

Anyways, enough about me. Have you seen the projects that Jaime has made?! They are adorbz.

+ This jewelry cork board
(Probably my fav. I may or may not be a wino.)

+ State mugs.
Now that I've sufficiently overloaded you with Pinterest projects ideas, I'll leave y'all alone. But if you ever want ideas, head over to my bloggity blog and see what I'm creating up next. Happy Monday (said no one ever.) Except I'm gonna say it... HAPPY MONDAY!

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Don't forget to register to win a free teeth whitening kit here!
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Friday, June 21, 2013

Whiten those Chompers

Alright, do NOT judge me because I brush my teeth at least twice a day if not more. Sometimes you just need that extra little push to get them as white as they can be. In order to freshen them up before my engagement pictures, Smile Brilliant was kind enough to send me a LED Teeth Whitening kit.

To say that I'm happy with the results is an understatement. Nothing looks better on a woman than confidence and nice, white smile. Now, I have tried using the Crest White Strips and they work, but with sensitive teeth, I can't use them for the full duration without discomfort. I was worried about this when I received my Smile Brilliant kit; however, a couple days into it and using it for the full duration of time I realized that there was no discomfort or sensitivity. I can't tell you how relieved I was.

As you can see, I didn't have "yellow" teeth to begin with, but if you look at the top of my teeth (where they meet the gums) there is a bit of yellowing that can't be avoided even with brushing so often. Looking at my teeth now, I am thoroughly impressed and can't wait to show them off for my engagement pictures next week.

Did I happen to mention that the entire kit only costs $39.95?! Yeah...mind.blown. Hop on over and get yours ordered here.

What do you think? How would you like to win your very own kit?

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*winner will be verified.
*ships to U.S. and Canada only

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

It's My Birthday!!

Now, I've never been the kind to announce/demand my birthday week of celebration...said no one ever.
Just ask Chris, I'm the worst at demanding an entire week of celebration for my birthday. 

Regardless, I thought I'd share a glimpse into how I plan to spend my birthday--the same as I do any other day. So here's what I do daily. Get to know my "oh-so-exciting" life.

6:00-6:35 am:   Set three alarms, all of which get turned off and remain in bed for an additional 20 minutes longer.
6:35-7:59 am:  Sweat like a mo-fo while trying to get ready (menopause is killer at 23) and then FaceTime my mom to talk about nothing in particular, every day.

Yes, I do look like this when she calls--food around the mouth included.
7:59-8:00 am: Drive the half mile around the corner to work.

8:00-11:00 am: Respond to emails about why customers aren't paying their bills, sign off on every piece of paper known to mankind, look at people's credit and decide whether to give them more or say "enough is enough compadre".

11:00- Noon: Lunch, Target runs, and/or Hulu tv watching time.

Noon- 5:00 pm- Call and email people about past due invoices and request that they pay their bills. Pull my hair out. Keep a diary of excuses people use to why they aren't paying--this might help if I ever decide not to pay my own bills. Send out mass emails that contain the following:

5:00- 5:45 pm- Go for a run. Run as fast as I can and talk to Chris on the phone while running. "run lil' guy, run". #truelove #peptalk

5:45- 6:00 pm- Sit on the floor and try to decide which box of mac and cheese to cook for dinner. Gourmet baked mac and cheese or Kraft mac and cheese?

6:00- 9:30 pm- Cook dinner, promptly park my rear in my already indented sofa, watch the Netflix or Hulu show of the week, and pet the cats.

9:30- 10:00 pm: Shower and go to bed like the grandma that I am.

Happy birthday to me! A day in the life.
Special thanks to my parents for deciding to do the deed that brought me here. Y'all are awesome!


Toby's Tails
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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Branson Bound

Have you seen "She's Out of My League"--you know the part where the whole family is in the "Branson bound" neon shirts??? Okay, I decided to go with that bright theme on my travel outfit for this weekend. Yep, you heard me right, going to meet the family in Branson. Be jelly!

Cardigan: StitchFix
Top: Francesca's
Shorts: Charlotte Russe
Shoes: Express
Bag: Better Life Bags
Hat: Target
Necklace: Kate Spade Saturday (shortened by me)
Bracelet: Excessory Exchange

What's your "go to" travel outfit??

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Fixed X2!

Alright guys, time for another game. Let's play guess which piece I kept. I liked this StitchFix drastically more than my first one. I guess it's true that the more you order and the more feedback you give on each Fix, the better they get to know your style.

I received this lovely four clover, light blue gem necklace this time around. Pros: I thought it was gorgeous, a different color than I have, and the price was good $28. Cons: I typically like my necklaces to be a little bit more of a "statement" and this didn't quite fit that typical bill.

Pretty sure I saw this top in the box and about poo-d my pants. For real. Pros: HELLO, look at it. It accentuates everything that needs to be accentuated. The colors and pattern is great and you can wear it to work with a pencil skirt or wear it out with the girls. Cons: The price. $68. Granted, I have $20 that goes towards any purchase I make, but still. $48 for a top???!!!

First off, this dress is not jersey material, which makes me extremely happy, but the fabric is still somewhat weird. Pros: the dark blue is a great color to go under a jean jacket for summer and the style of the dress covered any unwanted attention to problem areas. Cons: I might just be a cheap person, but again, the price $78 killed me. It would only be $58 after my credit though so that's doable.

I will just go right into the pros and cons of this one. Pros: the colors a great. Cons: this is a sweater dress...and it's summer. Can you say pit stains?! Plus it showed my little tummy tum tum, and at $58, I don't know.

Last one was the cardigan, which I was shocked that they would put a sweater dress and a cardigan (heavy material at that), in my box for June. It's a little more hot in the South than Cali...just saying. Pros: the color, seriously kill me. I LOVE the color. They had it paired with a striped navy tank and skinnies. So cute in the picture. Cons: for a cardigan, it was $48. I typically buy from Target so that price shocked me. Also, the heat would prevent it from being worn for a while if purchased.

Alright guys, what do you think?! Which would you have kept and which do you think I kept???

Have you tried StitchFix yet? Thoughts? If you're unclear as to what it is, check it out here.

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