Friday, June 14, 2013

Be the Buyer-Online Shopping

Alright guys, I need your help! I'm trying to do a little research and I need your honest opinions!

In exchange for your help, I will randomly draw a name (from the comments) and will mail them a little surprise. I know, I'm dead serious on this whole help thing. And what's even better, all you have to do is comment below telling me:

(1) Would you purchase it, regardless of the price point-because you like it, yes or no?
(2) If you would purchase it and feel that the price is too high, what is the max you spend on it?













Thanks again for all of your help! Can't wait to announce the winner of the little surprise! Winner will be announced Saturday morning, so make sure to get your comments in today! Also, to give you a little more incentive, if you refer a friend(s) and they list your name in their comment, if their name is drawn I will send you BOTH a surprise! Let's do this thanggg y'all!

Don't forget to enter to win some of this fabulous jewelry here and also, there's a nail polish giveaway going on here--AFTER you comment for this giveaway!

Let Them Eat Cake

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  1. Love this idea. It's always good to get other people's feedback. Here's what I think:
    1. I would spend up to $30 on this dress.
    2. Cute top. Price point is good.
    3. I love this and would purchase, regardless of price.
    4. Good price, not a huge fan of it though.
    5. I would purchase this regardless of price.
    6. Not a huge fan. Probably wouldn't purchase regardless of price.
    7. Love this. And great price!
    8. Cute, probably wouldn't spend over price listed out.
    9. Cute, probably wouldn't spend over price listed out.
    10. Not a fan, regardless of price.
    11. Love this. Good price point.
    12. Really cute, and good price.
    13. Pretty cute. I probably wouldn't spend over that price.

  2. I would wear ALL of them!! I am a fan of under $45 in price points for most clothing items so I will buy clothing and splurge when it fits an event I need it for but if i'm just browsing/shopping to shop it's got to be under that price point for me to engage normally ) Hope this helps!

  3. Would purchase all the tops at a price point between $20-$30, the dresses $30-$50. Would not be interested in purchasing the shorts. The jewelry seems to already be priced well and all of them are really cute!

    Laura @ The Merger Journal

  4. Ok, this is fun :)

    1. This isn't really my style so I'd probably skip this one, but seems like a good price
    2. The price of this top seems really reasonable!
    3. Love this dress!! Would absolutely purchase this at this price.. any higher and I might not hah I'm cheap like that.
    4. Love this, too! and at that price I would absolutely snatch it up!
    5. Love this, price is good, too!
    6. Not a big fan of this, pink isn't really my thing. I also feel like if I did love this I might be able to find something similiar for less.
    7. I like this. Probably wouldn't buy it (not a big fan of open backs), but I think the price is good.
    8. Cute, but again, not really into pink so I'd skip this -- not because of the price though!
    9. I like this and would buy it at this price point.
    10. Not really digging the shorts..
    11. I actually like the cheaper pieces of jewlery better than this one.. if I was shopping and saw those three that would confuse me hah
    12. Would totally buy this at this price.
    13. Not for me, but I think the price seems reasonable for something like this

    Hope this healps!!

  5. 1. No, Personally not a fan of asymmetrical hems but if it was a maxi yes. Price good.
    2. Maybe, love it but would depend on how long the back was, love the color, Price under 30
    3. Yes, cute. Price, probably not.
    4. No, good price
    5. Yes, love it and versatile for me, price maybe
    6. Maybe, not sure about the overall design of the dress.
    7. Yes, love this and good price
    8. Yes, cute
    9. Yes, cute
    10. No
    11. Maybe, price isn’t bad
    12. Yes, love this and great price
    13. Again, no only because its asymmetrical

  6. Oh I love this! I hope I win...

    1) Probably wouldn't buy this - it's cute but the hi/low is too drastic for me.
    2) i like the shirt, but not the zipper pocket, so i probably wouldn't buy this either...
    3) LOVE but probably wouldn't spend more than $30 on
    4) I NEED this dress. Perfect price point and everything. Where is it from?
    5) LOVE the colors, not sure about the cut of the dress, but i'd probably try it on, love it, and buy it.
    6) Absolutely gorgeous. Would buy this in a heartbeat
    7) Too much going on here with the bow and the open back. it's cute but i probably wouldn't buy.
    8) need this too. Where can I get it?
    9)I like it, good price point!
    10) Not my style, i'd pass
    11) Also probably not my style... I would like it on others though, for the price
    12) LOVE this. Perfect color and love the pattern
    13) Now THIS is how i like my hi/low hems. SO cute, and well priced.

    Ok, I really need to know where to get 4,8, and 13!

  7. I love: mint striped tee, black & white printed dress, pink necklace, black and white shorts. I like the price points, but I would be more hesitant to spend over $40.

  8. If I were to buy anything from the list, I'd go with the little black and white aztec-print dress. The price is reasonable and you can wear it in the summer, fall or winter! You just have to accessorize and it can suit any occasion.

    It can also be a day/night dress!