Friday, June 7, 2013


Tips for overcoming frustration, depression, and weird funks.

 Disclaimer: These are the sole opinions of me, Jaime, and they could go either way, so definitely DO NOT take these as inconsequential remedies for battling depression. I am not, nor will I ever be, a doctor.

1. Spend time with your cats. Don't have cats?? Go buy one. Beware, this could be a downward slope. You can't just get one cat unless you're a stay at home person; therefore, you will need two. You should probably stop after two though, otherwise you'll be even more depressed from being the crazy, depressed cat lady.

2. Run Forest, Run! Run like a crazy person. Run like someone is chasing you. Run until you can't remember why you are frustrated, depressed, or otherwise. My main theory, if you can't breathe, you can't think about your troubles. Win, win.

3. Drink. Okay, okay this could probably be on either side of the do's or don't's. In order for this to be on the do's you must drink in a way that you could inconsequently and irrefutably be nominated as the best of the Ivrester Award receivers! That, or in a way where you find yourself waking up in the closet. Just power through it.

Venus Trapped in Mars
4. After you run, make sure you end the night with the largest tub of ice cream known to mankind. That, or one of those GIANT gummy bears. Not the crap, knock off brand. It must be the Haribo kind. At least this way if you haven't died of a heart attack from running, you may just slip into a nice little food coma. Also, please listen to this peppy little song and bounce up and down...Chris plays this for me when I'm upset and it helps.

5. Sometimes a small outbreak of physical violence can be just the remedy you need to get that pep back in your step. Maybe take a friend with you just in case you need someone to video tape.

Things you probably shouldn't do if you're feeling depressed, frustrated, or funked:

1. Become a cat hoarder. That never ends well.
2. Cause a heart attack from excessive running.
3. Drink just a little and be even more depressed, drink too much and get alcohol poisoning.
4. Eat enough food to gain 25 pounds.
5. Physically assault someone.

Like I said, these could go either way...

But seriously...
My one piece of true advice to help you overcome your funk:

Buy a discounted Ad Space on Blop. Am I reaching here? Yes, probably. But it is a great idea and something new and fresh! Just do it, you know you want to. ;)


What do you do when you're in weird funks or moods???


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  1. These are great. The running thing is so true. And the drinking thing, obvi. Not so sure about the gummy bears, but if it comes from you it must be magical

  2. Oh and the cats--DUH! How could I miss that one!

  3. Such a cute post, and such great tips :) Love eating ice cream when I'm a little sad!

    The Other Side of Gray

  4. (Super belated but) I'm obsessed with this list. Amazing. Love it.