Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Red Lips and Necklaces-DS Beading

Recently, Darla of DS Beading was kind enough to send me three pieces of her handmade jewelry.

The first necklace, the globes and tassel clear crackle necklace, and matching earrings are FABULOUS! I've had her jewelry for a couple days now, and have had the opportunity to wear this set several times. Each time I've worn this, I've gotten multiple compliments. Since the globes are clear, I can wear it with anything and between me and you, I LOVE the tassels on the end--they give me something to do while sitting at my desk.

The second necklace, the wire wrapped handmade banded stone necklace, is so eloquently made. This one can only be found on Darla's Etsy shop. I love the fact that she sent me a colored one because the light purple stone looks great against this dark top. 

The best part of these gorgeous handmade pieces would have to be the price. All of her pieces, including the sets, are less than $25. I'm a jewelry fiend, therefore, I can attest that jewelry, especially handmade jewelry, priced under $25 is a steal.

Go check out her website and Etsy shop for more amazing pieces of jewelry! And if you have the chance, stop by her blog and let her know I sent you! :) Thanks friends!

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  1. Love this look on you, and the jewelry! I'll have to check out her stuff.

  2. So cute. You can find the best things on Etsy...wheever I want anything unique, I always look there first!!

  3. Oh these jewelry peices are beautiful! I admire so much those who can make their own jewelry. It take such creative talent! Thanks for sharing!

    Sunny with A Side of...

  4. Too cute! I love them all. I am really feeling the longer necklaces right now- I need more in my life for sure :)

  5. such a chic look! the white blazer is darling!

  6. What a great look! Love the polka dot skinnys.

    Jo memosinstilettos.blogspot.ca