Monday, June 17, 2013

Weekend Wine Shenanigans

1. Got my birthday presents in from the fam! LOVE it! A new pair of tennis shoes, two shirts, and 7 pairs of shorts! Would you believe me if I told you my mom found all of those shorts for a mere $35?! True story.

2. Friday night girls' night! Wine and online shopping! Poor pocket book.

3. Saturday morning I went to the farmer's market and spent $12 on the best bottle of balsamic vinegar around. Seriously. Cranberry pear white balsamic vinegar. Nom, nom, nom.

4. My second StitchFix came in and I think I'm going to keep something in it this time. Post to come on my Fix.

5. Ordered one of the my engagement picture outfits while laying at the pool. With only a week to spare, I got it just in time.

6. So, Friday night we had the brilliant idea to put the wine bottles in the freezer to cool them quicker. Yeah...a little wine and online shopping later, I guess we forgot about it. Sunday morning I open the freezer and pull out a nice little wine slushy. Now, I don't want to drink it right now, but should I? All of you wine-o's, will it/has it already gone bad?

7. Church Sunday morning with my Bible and soon-to-be name :)--also includes lots of prayers that God heals my slushy wine bottle. Womp, womp.

What did you do this weekend???

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  1. Yeah for birthday gifts! I have to ask where your mom got all those shorts, usually you can only get one of those pairs for $35!! What a steal! And that dress will be cute for engagement pics!

  2. I love the Woo Pig Sooie shirt! We are Razorbacks fans in my house... I got my step dad an arkansas spatula for the grill for Father's Day!

  3. Where did your mom find those shorts for so cheap!? I need to get some new workout gear!

  4. i love all of this, esp the norts, online shopping, and that dress. I'd say go for it on a wine slushy. I've had frozen wine drinks before and they are good. The Childress Vineyards in my hometown used to make them and you could buy the mix to make your own.

  5. Wine and shopping is always the best idea...When it's happening ;) and that dress for your engagement session is adorable! Can't wait to see the pictures when they are done!

  6. I love the dress you ordered for your engagement photos! It will make for beautiful pictures!