Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Fixed X2!

Alright guys, time for another game. Let's play guess which piece I kept. I liked this StitchFix drastically more than my first one. I guess it's true that the more you order and the more feedback you give on each Fix, the better they get to know your style.

I received this lovely four clover, light blue gem necklace this time around. Pros: I thought it was gorgeous, a different color than I have, and the price was good $28. Cons: I typically like my necklaces to be a little bit more of a "statement" and this didn't quite fit that typical bill.

Pretty sure I saw this top in the box and about poo-d my pants. For real. Pros: HELLO, look at it. It accentuates everything that needs to be accentuated. The colors and pattern is great and you can wear it to work with a pencil skirt or wear it out with the girls. Cons: The price. $68. Granted, I have $20 that goes towards any purchase I make, but still. $48 for a top???!!!

First off, this dress is not jersey material, which makes me extremely happy, but the fabric is still somewhat weird. Pros: the dark blue is a great color to go under a jean jacket for summer and the style of the dress covered any unwanted attention to problem areas. Cons: I might just be a cheap person, but again, the price $78 killed me. It would only be $58 after my credit though so that's doable.

I will just go right into the pros and cons of this one. Pros: the colors a great. Cons: this is a sweater dress...and it's summer. Can you say pit stains?! Plus it showed my little tummy tum tum, and at $58, I don't know.

Last one was the cardigan, which I was shocked that they would put a sweater dress and a cardigan (heavy material at that), in my box for June. It's a little more hot in the South than Cali...just saying. Pros: the color, seriously kill me. I LOVE the color. They had it paired with a striped navy tank and skinnies. So cute in the picture. Cons: for a cardigan, it was $48. I typically buy from Target so that price shocked me. Also, the heat would prevent it from being worn for a while if purchased.

Alright guys, what do you think?! Which would you have kept and which do you think I kept???

Have you tried StitchFix yet? Thoughts? If you're unclear as to what it is, check it out here.

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  1. I would have kept the cardigan or the navy dress. But those prices are steep for me too, especially for something I'm not hand picking for myself! Looking cute though :)

  2. I hope you kept the blouse, love the colors and the style. The blue dress looked good on you as well. Nice options!

    saw you on my thrifty chic

  3. I'd keep the top and the cardigan. What an interesting idea for shopping! It'd certainly expand your horizons as far as picking things you'd normally not get yourself, but I can definitely understand the sticker shock.


  4. I hope you kept the top! I would have been wanting that and the blue dress so badly!

  5. I like the necklace, the top, and cardigan :-)