Thursday, June 20, 2013

It's My Birthday!!

Now, I've never been the kind to announce/demand my birthday week of celebration...said no one ever.
Just ask Chris, I'm the worst at demanding an entire week of celebration for my birthday. 

Regardless, I thought I'd share a glimpse into how I plan to spend my birthday--the same as I do any other day. So here's what I do daily. Get to know my "oh-so-exciting" life.

6:00-6:35 am:   Set three alarms, all of which get turned off and remain in bed for an additional 20 minutes longer.
6:35-7:59 am:  Sweat like a mo-fo while trying to get ready (menopause is killer at 23) and then FaceTime my mom to talk about nothing in particular, every day.

Yes, I do look like this when she calls--food around the mouth included.
7:59-8:00 am: Drive the half mile around the corner to work.

8:00-11:00 am: Respond to emails about why customers aren't paying their bills, sign off on every piece of paper known to mankind, look at people's credit and decide whether to give them more or say "enough is enough compadre".

11:00- Noon: Lunch, Target runs, and/or Hulu tv watching time.

Noon- 5:00 pm- Call and email people about past due invoices and request that they pay their bills. Pull my hair out. Keep a diary of excuses people use to why they aren't paying--this might help if I ever decide not to pay my own bills. Send out mass emails that contain the following:

5:00- 5:45 pm- Go for a run. Run as fast as I can and talk to Chris on the phone while running. "run lil' guy, run". #truelove #peptalk

5:45- 6:00 pm- Sit on the floor and try to decide which box of mac and cheese to cook for dinner. Gourmet baked mac and cheese or Kraft mac and cheese?

6:00- 9:30 pm- Cook dinner, promptly park my rear in my already indented sofa, watch the Netflix or Hulu show of the week, and pet the cats.

9:30- 10:00 pm: Shower and go to bed like the grandma that I am.

Happy birthday to me! A day in the life.
Special thanks to my parents for deciding to do the deed that brought me here. Y'all are awesome!


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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVE! This sounds like a superfab day. Especially considering yesterday's couch-sitting convo. Perrrfection.

  2. Happy Birthday!!! you seriously need to do a post about the excuses people give..... hope you have a wonderful day!

  3. Happy happy birthday! I celebrate all month, and never work on my birthday! Enjoy, and go for the gourmet mac & cheese!

  4. Happy Birthday!! OMG so glad to know I'm not the only one sweating the whole time I'm getting ready in the morning! My bf things I'm crazy!!!

    Thanks for letting me co-host today! :)

  5. Happy birthday!! Hope you have a wonderful birthday and bday weekend! I'm sure you hear all kinds of stories on why people don't pay their bills, and I bet some are pretty crazy.

  6. haha these memes/photos are hilarious. Happy Birthday!

  7. This was hilarious, I love the addition of the memes. Happy birthday :)

  8. A week is totally nothing - I share my birthday with my college roommate, and it's the end of August right before Labor Day weekend, so we routinely require the entire month + Labor Day weekend for celebrations :)

    Happy birthday!!

  9. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Happy Birthday! Hope your day has been oodles of fun!

  11. I'm sad that this doesn't involve at least a LITTTLEEEE more excitement. It's your gosh darn birthday, celebrate! Oh yeah and Happy Birthday...again!