Monday, June 3, 2013

Birthday Month-Ness!

So it's my birthday month and I thought I'd share some of my birthday wishes.-**hint, hint family and Chris** 
June 20th can NOT get here fast enough!
In addition, I'd love to give you all the opportunity to participate in a couple giveaways this month and I'm running a birthday special on all of my ad spaces this month!
Lindsey and I are hosting a monthly "favorite things" giveaway and would love for you to participate this month! If you missed it the last two months, you can check out the details here.
Interested in co-hosting?! Just fill out this form and you will be reserved a spot!

I'm taking sign ups for another Excessory Exchange giveaway that will be happening next week. This giveaway will be at no expense to you. If you missed the last two giveaways you can see them here and here. Even if you've already participated in one of these, you are welcome to participate again!
If interested, shoot me an email and I will provide you with more specific details (date, html code, etc.)!

 More birthday month-ness to come! Hope you can all participate in at least one of these giveaways and I'd LOVE to have you on my sidebar!
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  1. I've been lusting over Naked 2 for months! And that white fluffy comforter is fab. Hope your man takes a big hint :)

  2. You picked some very cute things for you wish list!! Happy birthday month! :)

  3. Yay for it being your birthday month!! I hope you get everything on your list. :) I really want a bike with a little seat in the back for one of the's not my bday month, but I'm still going to put it on my list!

  4. First of all, my birthday is also the 20th, how awesome!! And those Nike shoes are super cute, I hope you get them and everything else you posted!