Friday, May 31, 2013

May Favorites

May Favorites
Favorite Outfit
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Favorite Website
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Favorite Text
Courtesy of my lil' bro.
"If I step on one of your cats because its dark and they decide to lay in the middle of the floor or staircase and they bite me I will kill all of them without MERCY!!!!!!"
You mad bro?
What were some of your favorite things this month? Make sure to click on the caption for a link to the posts.

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  1. LOVE that song :) And that wedding dress is stunning!!! Happy last day of May!

  2. Chris's post about the cats was my favorite, too! :) He done good!

  3. This post is filled with brilliance. I'm not biased or anything. But seriously I love all of these things! Did you pick a dress?!?

  4. Love your outfit, and that wedding dress is gorgeous!
    That text about that cats is hilarious!!
    Stopping by from Friday Favorites :D

  5. I love TheShelf, too! and those pastel pink pants! Adorable.

  6. Your outfit is too cute; I love it! And I definitely need to try that summer spagetti recipe! The pictures in the post look sooo yummy

  7. Love that song! And your brother's text made me laugh!

  8. that text is hilarious! My brother would say the exact. same. thing.