Monday, May 13, 2013

Marital Monday- Registering for Gifts

This weekend Chris and I went to register for our wedding gifts at Target. We were each supplied with a scanning gun. We took off through the store, each going our separate ways. Two hours later, this is what we logged on to find...
(our explanations of each found below)
1. Alright so there may or may not be two cruiser bikes on our registry. I'd like to think that we would both get a lot of use out of these couples bikes, but let's get real. How much would we actually take these little beaut's out for a casual date on Saturday?...Answer: probably never. Will they remain on our registry?...Answer: Heck yes they will.
2. Who doesn't put a Kitchenaid mixer on their registry?! I'm no chef, but I'd really like to have a bright pink appliance to display as accent d├ęcor in my kitchen. Plus, when I have guests over, they might actually think the cupcakes I catered were handmade with that mixer. We call that a win, win.
3. Okay, this is a legit registry item. The Ninja blender is awesome. I know this because my parents have one. What makes it different, I'm not sure. What I am sure of is that when I try to blend a smoothie in the morning, my current blender smells like rust and I'm pretty sure I saw smoke coming out of it the other day.
4. I love this comforter from Target. It's simple and I can choose any accent colors to go along with it. Problem- I have two cats, one of which has chronic bowel problems. Poop on white doesn't make for the color scheme I'm going for.
5. Chris- "I don't need luggage, I already have my duffel bag."
Me- "I'm putting luggage on for the both of us."
Chris- "Why, I already have one?"
Me- "Your bag is fine, but I don't think customs would like a body sized duffel bag coming in and out."
And here's what Chris wound up with...(disclaimer:he wrote/posted this on his own) 
1. I put the iron on my side of the registry for two reasons: (1) my iron broke in an unfortunate laundering accident three months ago, and (2) being in law school has made me realize that I will most likely have to iron my work clothes everyday for the rest of my life and dry cleaning bills add up quickly.
2. I put a Samsung 40" LED TV on my side of the registry mainly because it would be stupid not to. Everyone could use a new flat screen TV...when was the last time you heard someone say "damn, I have too many 40" flat screen TVs." The answer is never.
3. The first item I personally added to our wedding registry was 4 rolls of contractor strength duct tape. This is because during my short time on earth I have discovered a universal truth: if you cannot fix it with duct tape, you're not trying hard enough. Also, Jaime's crafting projects use an ungodly amount of my duct tape supply.
4. The reason for my addition of an X-box 360 is simple: I am a huge closet nerd and occasionally like to come home and de-stress by playing Call of Duty and killing some zombies.
5. I added the grill because living with male 20-something year old roommates my entire adult life, has made me realize that grills are awesome for two reason: (1) they require no clean up, and (2) usually involve the drinking of beer. Two things I'm always okay with.

Married? What did you put on your registry? Not married? What would you put on your registry?

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  1. I would totally put a pair of cruisers on my registry! So cute!!
    The kitchenaid mixer is amazing and a life saver! Love the xbox addition :-)

  2. This is so cute! First of all, I love Target (We registered there too) and I love every thing on this list! All great!! :)

  3. Haha I love the explanations! The iron and duct tape seem totally justified after reading them. I hope you get the kitchen aid - they are awesome!!!

  4. I love the idea of a grill on the registry. Those are big things that several friends can chip in for and little things like irons are easy for one person to buy! Make sure to have a mix of price tags. I hate when friends register for everything over $200. Good job!

  5. Schwinn bikes are on sale at Target now!! I might have to finally break down and get one...

    I love that comforter!! And the KitchenAid is a must...great choices!

  6. Love this!! I can't wait to go register although I have no clue what to register for... this totally helps :) and I am absolutely putting bikes on our registry!! I mean, even if we never ride them (although I really think we will), they'll look so cute!!!

  7. I think you both put some great things on the registry, and I love the explanations! We had a lot of kitchen stuff on our registry since we both had older stuff from college, so it was nice to get a fresh start with new pots, pans, utensils, etc.!

  8. I love the idea of a grill- we out that on ours and love using it. I also love the Kitchen-aid- I use mine a ton. Lastly, that comforter is so cute.

  9. I loved registering - it's really just a wish list. You can put whatever the hell you want on it, and people can choose to buy it or not.

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  11. I am so jealous! That's one of the things I'm most excited about once we get engaged! And yes, you absolutely have to have a Kitchenaid mixer. They are a god send, but even if you don't use them, they always look pretty in any kitchen!

  12. I love my kitchen aid, i got it for my 25th birthday because at that point i'm pretty sure momma didnt think i would ever get married. We've go a nice set of dinnerware but nothing too fancy, towels, kitchen/bath accessories, grill items, and hopefully soon some bedding.

  13. I love my kitchen aide and blender and grill. Those were three things on our registries.. lol. Also, our registries are still live if you'd like what we truthfully left on the registry after I removed my Chris's gun zaps :) BB&B, Target and Pottery Barn! You get more than you think!! It's like Christmas, it's awesome!!

  14. Love that bikes made it onto your registry! And the mint is adorable :)