Friday, May 10, 2013

Llama or Goat?

He walked into the restaurant and got a table.
They walked in shortly after, sitting next to him, and eyeing him suspiciously.
The waiter took their drink orders.
He sat fiddling with his hands...nervous.
Finally, he looked at them, pulled out a small llama figurine, set it down in front of them, and said:
"I'd like to ask for your daughter's hand in marriage and I brought a dowry..."
Really Chris?! I kid you not.
Post conversation: "I really wanted to walk into your house with a real goat and be like 'Richard, I think we both know why I'm here.'"
My fiancé ladies and gentleman. Go ahead, be jealous.
*Please note that the llama is now sitting on the entryway table next to pictures of the family.*
That's all I've got for you today. Got to spend some time with my main B---oy. (what were you thinking?!)

Let Them Eat Cake
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  1. This story is hilarious. What did your parents say?

  2. I don't think you know how much I love this story. Brandon asked my parents as well but in no way this funny. I always joked with him, since my dad is a cattle farmer that I was worth a lot of cows and he needed to know that upfront. :)

  3. shut up that's hilarious!!! Chris did it over beer and cigars at 2 AM! baha.... that's nothing compared to the dowry!! LOVE IT!