Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Blopper Reel


top: Francesca's
blazer: Francesca's
pants: Express
shoes: Target
bag: Charming Charlie
necklace: Francesca's
Bless Chris' heart, he tried his best to get a good shot for me, but the sun and my photogenic skills were conspiring against us.
Sadly, these "bloppers" that would have been discarded were better than the actual posed ones we took. I mean, my face looks weird in all of them but my legs are looking pretty darn skinny if I do say so myself. #getthosesquatsgirl
My mom constantly asks me how I decide what necklace to wear with each outfit. To answer your question mom, I figure out what color looks best first, then I decide if the outfit needs a short statement necklace or something more simple. This outfit needed a necklace, but the neckline on the top wouldn't allow for a statement necklace. I chose the longer necklace because a simple gold, short necklace was going to be kind of boring, and I was able to incorporate the white blazer with the white in the necklace. Then the gold in the necklace linked it to the gold on the buttons of the blouse.
That's my logic on deciding what jewelry pieces to pair with each outfit. What are your thoughts? How do you determine what necklace to wear with each?
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  1. Tell Chris the first pic look high fashion :-)
    I love it!!

  2. Isn't it fun taking pictures!?!? I love the idea of the blopper reel, I probably have a ton of posts worth! I love the outfit.
    Love, Laughter and Lipstick

  3. I would have never known these pics were 'bloopers', swear! Love your necklace pick. I love to pick a contrasting color for my jewelry, like a bright orange necklace if I'm wearing navy, pop of yellow if I'm wearing purple, etc.

  4. Would have never guessed these were bloopers. We did a blooper post on Monday and ours are not as cute as yours!

    Super cute look. Great choice on the necklace. I usually pick my necklaces based on neckline and the colors I am wearing. I like to either go matchy matchy or contrasting.


  5. This shot mishaps happen to me all the time. My photographers are my 14 year old twin sons and they took turn snapping for mommy. In the beginning of my blogging days they were excited and fought who would do that day but now I had to 'bribe' them LOL! I had to discard many along the way :)


  6. I can totally relate to taking pictures and those kind of situations. Although I think they turned out pretty well; wouldn't have known they were bloopers unless you'd told us. I do really love your necklace.