Saturday, March 30, 2013

Sponsorship Sale!!!


In honor of Easter, and the fact that I finished a 5k feeling pretty good I'm offering 50% off all ads!

Use code "TobyForHire"
Check out my new stats sheet info below:
Toby’s Tails Blog
established January 2013
Focusing on fashion, good deals, DIY, home décor, and other beauty and lifestyle topics, Toby’s Tails prides itself on honest reviews of products and also enjoys occasionally writing about the relationship with God; therefore, there is no explicit language, vulgar statements, graphic pictures, etc.
Working with an entry level income, Toby’s Tails tries to provide its readers with budget friendly fashion (although, not necessarily thrift store shopping like most others) and DIY projects. Why pay for something when you can make it with better quality and less money? Our mission is to inspire women to find their true selves, while informing them on countless home décor, fashion, and money saving deals.
Why should you consider Toby’s Tails for a product review and marketing for your business/shop?
Current as of 3/29/13
·         GFC Followers:  300
·         Bloglovin’ Followers: 94
·         Toby’s Tails + Personal Facebook Page: 1058
·         Twitter Followers: 62
·         Avg. Page Views/Day: 250-300
·         Total Page Views to date: 10334

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  1. I've been waiting for a discount forever. :) Definitely doing this!