Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Alice in Bloom Review & Giveaway

Many Colors -Boho Gimp Braided Forehead Headband - Many Colors Available

Recently, I've had the opportunity to meet and talk with Brittany from The Upside Life blog and owner of Alice in Bloom on Etsy. She's a lovely lady and it shows through her craftmanship of her headbands. When she had reached out to me about doing a review and giveaway of her headbands, I jumped at the opportunity!

Are these headbands not gorgeous?! I absolutely LOVE mine! I have included a photo of Brittany, from her shop, to show the forehead headband style- because (and Lenae can attest) I tried it out and that style partnered with my lions mane of hair did not pair well together. However, as you can see, the normal higher headband style worked great!

These are quality products, created with love and care. Check out the inspiration behind Brittany's headbands:

"Creating comes from inspiration. I am inspired by the captivating, powerful beauty that women posses. I am inspired by life... the colors, the textures, the moments. Last but not least, I am inspired by my lovely daughter, Ainsley Alice."

How would you like to win one of these gorgeous headbands (the style in the bottom two pictures), in the color of your choice?! (Colors include: Black, Brown, Eggplant, Navy, Golden Beige, Hot Pink, Lime, Red, Turquoise, or White) That's a no-brainer! If you just can't wait for the giveaway to end, go ahead and get you one here.

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  1. too cute! Love the headband!! and look at you with a new bloggy design again :)

  2. oh my goodness, these headbands are so darn cute. Such a great find. Obsessed!

    If you get a moment, I'd love if you'd enter my latest giveaway. xo