Friday, March 15, 2013

Visitation, kitty kisses, and giveaways

1. Momsy is coming to visit today! I don't know how this weekend could get any better...oh wait, Chris is coming to visit too! I'm beyond thrilled right now!

2. This week has been long and hectic, but I really can't complain about free, company meals-especially steak with a bourbon glaze.

3. Tillie loves helping me with blog posting and they sure do love each other. Kitty kisses :)

4. If you missed it yesterday, I'm doing a giveaway for an Alice in Bloom headband. Go register here.

5. Umm, for those of you that are having as long of a week as I am and haven't had a chance to notice, I got another new blog design by my friend Beth! She's building up her portfolio using  my blog as a host! There will be lots of new designs coming across this bad boy. In the meantime you should go check out and follow her blog/design website Beth Bradford Design.

{Also, in case you've missed the blog breaking news for the past few days...please refollow Toby's Tails via Bloglovin' because GFC will soon be a thing of the past}
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  1. What cute kitty bellies :)

    Hey guess what, you were nominated for a Liebster Award:

  2. Hey Jaime! Thanks so much for linking up today! New follower!


  3. My cats are totally my favorite co-bloggers/snugglers :)