Friday, March 8, 2013

Can you hear me now?!

Let's do something different for H54F this week...
I don't exactly have 5 random things to talk about this Friday, so I wanted to share how I feel some of my conversations go with God. The convo's mentioned below were all answers to prayers this week.
me: God, why you no heal my cat, Toby???
God: Consider him healed, now you will have nothing to blog about.
me: crap! didn't think of that.
(for those of you that have been following from the beginning, Toby has had numerous health issues and is now finally healed/cleared) Let's keep it that way :)
me: God, why can't I be skinnier like all these other "What I Wore Wednesday-ers"???
a couple minutes later...

God: There you go, now you have no excuse you lazy, cheapskate.

me: *sigh* womp, womp
me: God please make Blop the "one blog to rule them all".
God: there, it is done. Blop will be famous, but not because of any of your posts.
me: how is that fair?!

me: God please help me be as cool and informative as Kate from The Small Things Blog.

God: let's get real Jaime...

 me: yep, you're right.
That's about all I've got this week ladies! Hope you all enjoyed Chris's post yesterday! If you missed it you can read it here.
Do you ever feel like your conversations go a little like this?? Any answers to your prayers this week??

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  1. Hey- that's me up there!!

    Haha I love that curling iron video. I might do a "talk with God" post! This is super fun :)

  2. hahaha this was so great! I think I liked the second one best- story of my life!
    With Luck

  3. Poor little Toby! I hope he stays healthy!! Got to love the Blop!

  4. LOVE this!! Yay for Toby too!! :)

  5. Happy Friday! Thanks for the shout out. That last clip about the girl curling her hair is hilarious! And kind of scary!!!

  6. BAHAHHAHA this was amazing!

    Also, Yay for Toby being better!

  7. Hahahaha. I LOVE that video of that girl burning her hair off. Hilarious.

    Found you through the blog hop and I love your blog. (: Newest follower here!

  8. I love your blog already!!! We have been watching the burning hair video for a week around my house. LOL I love my cat, and so happy to see yours is healed! Your newest follower from GYBH. Have a wonderful weekend. :)

  9. So, I kind of adore your use of memes and internet awesome in here. Made me laugh :] I'm glad your cat's feeling better and that you have awesome stuff coming up! Can't wait to read more of your adventures! Have a simply fabulous weekend!