Thursday, August 8, 2013

You're Old

What do you do when you're not in college anymore, you're called old because you don't ever go out anymore, therefore, you decide to go out to prove them all wrong?!?!

Besides doing all of the above prior to going out to Jose's for $3 margs, karaoke, and mexican food, I'd like to share a tidbit of Chris and my "getting ready to go out after not going out for over a couple of months" procedure. <--I know, so pathetic.

I get home and find Chris on the couch watching old James Bond movies. 

Me: "Get up and get dressed we are going out!"
Chris: "Really?!"
(it really has been that long)
Me: "Really, even if we have to take money out of the savings account, WE. ARE. GOING. They called us the 'old married couple.'"

Me: "Should I get a shower?! Do I stink? Should I shower, Chris? Come smell me! I feel like I should shower!"
Chris: *comes over and smells me (true love)* "No, you're fine dog."
Me: "Where are you going?!"
Chris: "To shower..."

Chris: "Where are my tan shorts?! Why can't I ever find my tan shorts when I need them?! What did you do with them?"
Me: "I don't know where they are. I know where they aren' the laundry because you forbid me from doing any of your laundry."
Chris: *utter relief and triumph* "Don't worry I found them."
Me: "You better not outdress me or I will be mad. Especially since you told me not to shower and wear what I wore to work."

Chris: *grabs water out of the fridge* "We gotta hydrate lil' guy! Get yourself a water!"

Chris: "What time are we meeting everyone?"
Me: "9"
Chris: "Okay, how long are we planning on staying out?"
Me: "About an hour and a half to two hours."
Chris: "Okay, good."

How do you prepare to go out? 

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  1. HAHA this had me laughing. Ours is more like, hurry up! No YOU hurry up! Each of us thinks the other is going to take foreverrr to be ready

  2. I always like to contemplate if its really worth going out...driving, spending money, getting back later, not getting to watch PLL on netflix. We're old, I'm called grandma on a regular basis.

  3. Hahaha this is great! I'm single, but getting old, so for a night out I have to hydrate with gatorade prime!

  4. Hahahah I was literally LOLing when I read this... it sounds like me and my boyfriend, especially with the "really" part. We hardly evvverrrr go out anymore, and we aren't even married yet!

  5. My husband pretty much waits until I'm mostly ready then he starts getting dressed because he's so dang quick. He's chillin' on the couch but I know I have to get started and he'll still be ready before me. And I don't even take that long!!!

  6. That's pretty much us in a shell... When the hubs just randomly told me we are going out to dinner recently.. I panicked.. just froze..didn't know where to start.. picking out pj's are a whole heck of a lot easier than deciding what to where out..and that's when I knew..we need to get out more haha. But I am glad you guys a fun night out! :)

  7. Oh my gosh laughing over here!!! This is too funny. My and Tim's routine is pretty simple. We decide to go out, I pick out my outfit... he asks me to pick out his "to match" if I want (lol!), we each shower, and then I get ready, which takes too long and has Tim whining about it. Then we go out and have fun. This routine is repeated every time we go out lol