Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Express Sale

For those of you that don't know me...I LOVE Express! They have the best clothes and generally their clothes fit my awkwardly short body type, along with allowing me to fit into smaller sizes than at similar stores. (I think that is a great marketing technique if they do that on purpose...changing the "sizes" to make it appear that a normal size 4 could fit into a size 2 again. Genius!)
top: Express
blazer: Maurices (similar)
jeans: Express
shoes: Express
necklace: Francescas
watch: Fossil
Anyway, so last night I went to Express with my friend, Lenae. I had one of those email coupons $25 off every $75 you spend. On top of that, my reward points had built up enough to allow me an extra $10 off my purchase. Holla!
Did I mention that their jeans were on sale, buy one get one half off?! Yeah...
So I get to Express and spend about an hour walking back and forth through the store. I finally decide on two pairs of jeans (one of which is featured above) and a pair of beige, pointed toe flats (featured above as well).
With the BOGO 50%, I had accumulated a total of $149.75 in merchandise prior to tax and my $10 reward and coupon. Well, apparently your merchandise has to equal $150 in order to get the extra $50 off coupon. Womp, womp...
$.25?! Really?! Let's get real for a second, I love Express but this was ridiculous.
The lady at the cash register entered in my $10 reward and said I needed to find $10.25 worth of merchandise (that CAN'T be sale merchandise).
Hint: There is nothing in Express worth less than $14.90. :/
So, I ended up with a pair of boxer briefs for my boyfriend, Chris, for Valentine's day...Not exactly what I had planned, but it worked.
To treat myself after that horrid ordeal (not really, just obnoxious), I went for sushi for lunch.
It made me feel a whole lot better when I received that mussel looking dish on the bottom left courtesy of the chef... I guess he liked my Express outfit. :)
One pair of boxer briefs and a courtesy mussel thing later, I ask myself...Was it worth it?
Why yes, yes it was!
xoxo Jaime
Disclaimer: I do NOT recommend ordering that mussel dish. Not exactly the best thing I've ever eaten.

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