Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Currently trending in Jaime-land...
1. (top picture). my mom's new year resolution was to lose 50 lbs. by the time we go on our big family Branson trip in June. so far she has lost 12 lbs on her indoor bike--it's only January 23rd...she started the 1st. keep it up momsy! i'm such a proud daughter!
2. (bottom left picture). last night while messing around on pinterest and looking at blogs, i came across Lovely Little Things blog and saw her wearing this outfit. i had seen it on pinterest before and seeing Jessica wear it, i realized i had all of the clothes for the look. win!
3. (bottom right picture). toby...enough said. i have two pillows on my bed and when he is not trying to sleep on the back of my pillow, he finds his way over to "the boyfriend pillow". you all know what that is, the pillow that does not get used unless your boyfriend is in town, and it's also the pillow that you cuddle up with when it's cold- hence, "the boyfriend pillow".

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