Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Take A Tour Tuesday

Over the next couple of months I'm going to be doing a series called "Take a Tour Tuesday".
Each Tuesday I will be taking you through a room in my, or one of several friend's, apartments.
I hope that this series will give you ideas for home decor and insight into the inspiration behind each women's style.
Week 1:  Jaime's Living Room

What is your style:
I like to think that my style is "eclectic". I once heard it said that people with "eclectic" tastes are just people that are too poor to buy matching furniture. Haha, I'm not saying that I am poor, but I sure don't have matching furniture in any part of my apartment. I like to buy on the cheap and make a lot of the pieces in my apartment.
Who or what would you say influenced your style:
My Gran is probably the person that most influenced my style and choices. She could afford matching furniture, needless to say, but she was a pro at making everything so home-y. Other than my Gran, I would have to say that my freak obsession with all things HGTV, probably played a big part in my decor choices.
Where did most of your furniture come from:
Well, let's see here...
Large sleeper sofa- Gran's old couch with a slip from Target
Love seat- Value City Furniture
Coffee table- Gran
Lamps/lighting- Target
Pillows- TJ Maxx
Baskets under console table- Joann's Fabrics
Console table- Dad and Chris made it :)
Yellow window- A to Z Custom Creations (window + painted only $40)
Box shelves- Target
What is your favorite thing/piece in your room:
Probably my wall decor and console table. I like to think it's pretty unique and I constantly get compliments on it each time someone comes over. As far as the console table goes...it was made with love from my two favorite guys ;).
Well...that's it for week 1!
I'd LOVE to hear about any of the following:
1. What you think of the decor.
2. Suggestions for other decor options or ideas for improvements.
3. Any other questions you have that this questionaire didn't cover.
4. Opinions on this series...
Stay tuned for next week! We will be showcasing Lenae's living room
(**hint**all her furniture matches).
xoxo Jaime   



  1. Love it! I guess this means I need to clean up before next week though... :-)

  2. you have your living room decorated so cute! Gran would be proud. You and Kimberly both have that decorating touch.. apparently it skipped me. hahaha.