Thursday, January 31, 2013

"It's Ok" Thursday

Its Ok Thursdays
It's ok...
1. that my boyfriend lives so far away... :(
2. that my cat, Toby, has to go to the vet...again. "womp, womp"
3. that I very rarely feel like actually doing my hair in the morning.
4. that I just spent a butt load on my new camera (it's awesome by the way).
5. that I did laundry, just to have my underwear sit on my dining room table. Welcome visitors ;)
6. that I wait until the weekend to do any cleaning around the apartment.
7. that I freeze the cats out by not turning on the heat.--22 years old and menopausal heat
8. that I binge eat edamame, popcorn, and popcicles.
9. that I had to clean up the BIGGEST hairball pile of my life yesterday. (thanks Toby...insert The Office reference here)
10. that I worry about everything, as long as I know that God will provide for me as long as I rely on Him.
That's it for "It's Ok" Thursday!
xoxo Jaime     


  1. #6 ... So true. I tell myself I'll clean Tuesday, but then Wednesday rolls around and I think "meh, what's 2 more days?"

  2. I have been terrible about wanting to fix my hair lately too. I've been wanting to just cut a ton of it off just so I dont have to lol!

  3. Ooh, what camera did you get? It's always worth it when you buy an expensive camera ;) How far does your bf live? I hope you get to see each other soon :)
    Found you on the link up and I'm a new follower!


    1. Hey Jan! I got a Canon Rebel T3. It came in a package with a tripod, extra memory card, carrying case, and everything you typically get with the camera bundle for $429. Not too bad for a DSLR :) just bad buyers anxiety haha.

      He lives 10 hours away, but we will get to see each other over Valentine's day weekend!

      Thanks for following!

  4. Fact on número 3...who am I going to impress at work?! No one.

    1. Jim--for Derby tickets! Come on Cece!

  5. #8 - talk about binge eating! I just made a last-minute run into Gigi's cupcakes and couldn't decide on one, so I got four to split with my coworkers so that I could try a little of each. Fat kid, right here! It's just been that kind of day.

  6. Oh toby ok?! :( I rarely feel like doing my hair, either. I need to get on all this cute hair sites I've been pinning!

    1. Toby will be fine, until the next health crisis. He somehow got fleas (they are inside cats) and his skin is having a bad reaction, so mama had to lay down some more money for the little guy.

  7. I'm one of the biggest worry warts on the planet! Your right though God will provide! I have to keep reminding myself of that daily...