Thursday, April 4, 2013

Casual Traveler Outfit

Casual Traveler

Source  Total Cost: $1051
(Scarf alone is $410! What?! "Is it made with silk from a rare caterpillar?!"-Amy)

Similar  Total Cost: $144
(Jeans are $84, and relatively the cheapest look-alikes I could find)


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  1. I LOVE those jeans, but like you don't really want to spend $100 or even $80 for them. I recently bought a pair of plain skinny jeans and might try to paint dots on them to make my own.

  2. It amazes me how much people pay for some things.

  3. Those clothes are so cute.

  4. I love the outfit! :) I am about to be on a plane in a couple of weeks and this outfit is cute and casual and yet adorable. SO great! (LOVE the second option of course.... SERIOUSLY I love love love scarves but who could afford the first option?? :))

  5. I really like that bag...I am on the lookout for a new crossbody (without spending a ton) and this looks like a winner!

  6. Cute outfit! Glad you found a cheaper version, I can't believe that original scarf was so expensive!

  7. Cute! :) I travel a lot so I'm always on the hunt for easy things to wear at the airport. I actually did a similar post that you can find here, let me know what you think!


  8. Loving those polka dot jeans! New follower :)
    xoxo Bethany