Tuesday, April 9, 2013

So...I'm Basically A Professional Designer Now

So, my friend, Brenna, approached me and asked if I would make her a mood board for ideas/inspiration for her bedroom. I was thrilled, so of course I said yes.

I had her send me a couple pictures of what she currently has in her bedroom and for her to explain what kinds of styles she likes. The above pictures are what she currently has and she is wanting to keep her bedding, so the color scheme was going to need to center around the yellow and neutrals. In addition, she said that she doesn't want it to look too matchy, but more eclectic.

After several hours I had come up with the mood board below. She once mentioned that she really liked the look for the iron head and footboard. I went matchy on the nightstands and lamps because it gives it some balance. The chest of drawers (assuming the top is an espresso/black color) gives a somewhat eclectic feel and the little yellow chair is just adorable. The fleur de lis represents Louisville so I had to include that.

 What do you think? Is the yellow chair too much? Have you ever used olioboard.com to come up with a mood board for you or a friend to actually use when redecorating?

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  1. Looks awesome! I might need you to design my bedroom for me!

  2. Oooh! I love it. Grey and yellow are such good colors. And I totally like the chair!

  3. Love the gray and yellow! We have that going on in our bedroom and it looks awesome.

  4. I love this! I really love yellow and gray lately. Could you do it for me?? ;) I have TONS of ideas on my Pinterest but I've yet to put any into action.

  5. the chair is awesome! i think i might like it better as a printed textile though with yellow as the main accent:)

  6. I love the colorful pieces you chose like the chair and the nightstands. I don't think they're too much at all!
    With Luck Blog

  7. I want a living room mood board!!! I have grey furniture love black and white stripes. All black furniture (or silver) and shiny mirrors and such on the walls :D We have a fire place so you can play with that, the TV is going over it! Thanks friend ;) hahahaha!

  8. Dang, girl! You are a professional! :) I absolutely LOVE that moodboard...it's perfect! Can I just snap my fingers and have my room look like that!?