Monday, April 1, 2013

Secrets!..Building Your Blog

This weekend, and continuing on through the week, I have 50% off any ad space. With that being said, I was recently asked how I have had the growth I have had within three short months. Listed below are things that I have done on my blog that could have contributed to this growth.
1. Stick to what you know and what makes you tick.
  • For me, that was home decor, fashion, shopping, DIY, and product reviews. I LOVE each and every one of these topics. Being passionate about something shows in your writing and draws readers with paralleled interests.
2. When linking up to other blogger's link ups, try to visit and comment on at least five new blogs from the link up each time.
  • People want to know that you are reading their posts and have something to contribute. In return, i.e. blogger's etiquette, a couple of them should visit and comment on yours. 

3. Coordinate with similar bloggers, particularly ones that you have become pretty good friends with, and offer giveaways.
  • You may be pretty cheap, like me, but having multiple bloggers allows for more exposure at a lesser cost to you. *Note: don't coordinate giveaways with 50 different gets obnoxious for the reader when entering.*
4. You don't have to spend a lot, but put a little bit of money into upgrading your blog design.
  • Your link might bring people to your site, but the first 5 seconds determine whether they stay or not. Does your design fit your personality? Is it easy to navigate? Does it appeal to outsiders? I spent $25 on my first design. I bought it off Etsy as a premade design. If you're interested in a custom design, check out this design giveaway.
5. Readers want to know about you as a person, yes, but they don't necessarily want to read about you complaining about your day or documenting what you ate each and every day.
  • Try to write about and feature things that speak to your readers. They might want to read about what kind of lipstick they should try, or where to buy those must have items. Inform them. 
These are just a few things that I have found that have worked for me. Sponsoring other bloggers will also bring readers to your blog. All of the money I earn from sponsors on my page are going to be put back into sponsoring others. Look for sponsors that allow you to participate in giveaways, sponsor spotlights, and/or guest posts to increase your exposure. Please look here to sponsor on my blog, with these added features. 
Hope these helped and everyone is having a fabulous Monday!

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  1. great post, I'm always working to become a better blogger. I think more than anything else, it takes more time than you think.

  2. Thanks for sharing! I always like some good advice from other bloggers, it's great to see another perspective!