Thursday, April 25, 2013

Gotta Get My Fix On!

Have you heard of StitchFix?
If not, basically you set up your style profile and for a styling fee of $20, they pick out 5 items to mail to you based on your style profile. Typically, they send about four clothing items and possibly an accessory. Once you receive it in, you have three business days before you have to ship it back, so you can try it on, wear it around for a bit, and then ship it back if you don't like it. The good part about it is that your $20 goes towards whatever you choose to keep. Say I liked the $58 dress, I would just pay the difference, $38. If you keep all five items, you get an additional 25% off.
Check out what came in my first StitchFix!
Umm...hello my love. This top and I had a love affair to rival that of Chris and I. It's hard to tell with the editing, but the squares are actually a cream color, and I am very much a neutral color wearing fiend. Plus, the flowy nature of this top is right up my alley! I LOVED it...but the price killed me. $75?!?! No. This shirt and I lusted after each other for three days and then departed as friends.

I think they accidently sent me two bracelets because on my form it referenced the purple one and not the white one. I was honest and sent them both back anyway. I loved these, but again, the price point was shocking. The purple one was listed at $48! I found similar ones here for $24.99.
I loved this little cream razor back tank! However, it may be because I need to desperately work out my arms, but I didn't care for how it looked on me so I sent this $58 top packing.

Ok, seriously, tell me ONE person that looks good in jersey material and I will mail you some candy. I mean come on now! They actually sent me TWO jersey material items. I tried it on for the sake of trying it on, but I knew I wouldn't like it. Jersey material and I are despised enemies. The color was great, but the $48 jersey top was mailed back.

Lastly, LOVED the color of this dress! It even had pockets! Holla! But again, jersey material! Why?! The color would be great for engagement pictures but I couldn't swallow spending $58 for a dress I was going to need to buy Spanx for. Bye bye boy blue!

Have you ordered from StitchFix before? What was your experience?

I'm going to reorder another StitchFix because the more that you order and survey on, the more the stylists get to know your style and the better your fixes get. I'm really looking forward to my next one to see what cute items they've chosen for me. (I can guarantee there will be NO jersey material).

If you're interested in ordering, just click here. You can adjust your price points to get more items within your budget as well.

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  1. Love that shirt!! But totally agree with you on the price, I would have sent it back also. At least you got to wear it for a couple days!

  2. Ohhh my goodness I LOVE that first top, that looks great on you girl!!

  3. I loveeee that blue dress! But yea $58 for a jersey dress? I wouldn't do it either haha

  4. Love that blue dress too, but $58 is crazy pants for a jersey dress.

  5. That cream racer back tank is my favorite--simple but chic. They are so wrong for the jersey material items--even though the designs are cute. I've never heard of StitchFix, but I may have to check them out.

  6. You are beautiful in anything but the top shirt was adorable! To bad the price wasn't agreeable. I can see that site being very helpful for the person who is on the go and doesn't have time to shop the boutiques in their area. I think I may just have to go check StitchFix out.

  7. I love the dress but $58 for a Jersey dress? I wouldn't buy it either.

  8. I love the Jersey dress and you definitely do not need Spanx! However, that's a steep price for a Jersey dress. I'm obsessed with that first top but the price is too high for me too. I'll definitely check them out!

  9. Loved the first top. I would have had a hard time parting with it also, but really $75? Ouch! I think I am going to have give them a try, thanks!


  10. I received 4 shipments from StitchFix and only kept one top out of everything....My stylist just didn't seem to get me :( Similar experience with one, jersey dress which everyone said looked great in photos but I just did not feel comfortable in it. Nor was I going to pay $80 for a jersey dress....So I totally hear you there! I hope you have better luck than I did! I've decided to take a break for now since the $20 fee each time was adding up.

  11. I actually love that blue dress on you! I think it is super flattering, and because it is jersey (gasp) it can be dressed up or down. But I totally understand if you don't keep it.