Friday, April 5, 2013

Soliciting Prayers

So... I need your help.

I'm so used to having to wait for God to answer prayers that when He starts answering this one that has been weighing on my heart for quite a while, I get nervous and skeptical.

In prior experiences God tends to wait until the last possible minute to present His (the right) plan for me. Now, in this one particular situation, He has opened quite a few doors and answered my prayers right away. Lately things have happened to work out perfectly and the timing is impeccable.

I'm sorry for being vague and general but I don't want to jinx it and, if everything works out the way I hope it will, I will have one awesome blog post to talk about later on. So please bear with me on the vagueness.

Basically, the jest of this post, is to solicite prayers get feedback on whether you've experienced God answer your prayers right away or whether it has always been that you have had to wait a while. Should I be nervous and think that this is not the answer that I have been searching for because it is happening so quickly, or should I just have faith that it is God's answer to my prayers in a more timely fashion than usual?

Experiences with this???
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  1. I think God answering your prayers in a timely fashion is okay. I know sometimes he takes a fast time and other times it takes him longer, but he always answers them. (For me anyway)

  2. Praying for you. It's amazing how sometimes everything comes together so perfectly, maybe too perfectly in your case as it sounds like you have some decisions to make. You will make the right one, no matter what. It will be the right decision. You may not know it right away, but you will figure it out eventually.

  3. Hang in there, girl! You're absolutely right -- it all happens when it's supposed to.

  4. we need a chat!!! ha i'm praying for your girl but i'm thinking I MAY know your prayer!