Thursday, July 25, 2013

Feasting on Cupcakes

As I'm laying in bed trying to figure out what to blog about for my post tomorrow, I find myself having countless different topics pop into my head but find them lacking in substance. I'm sorry, readers, that I've been slacking lately. If you have been tuning in, I've been moving, starting a new job, and about to move up to the town I will officially be working in this weekend. It's been a long and crazy week thus far.

Anyway, back to my endless stream of thoughts...I decided to go with one that has been "weighing" on me for approximately two days now. <<--Oh yeah, two days ago I started my job.

Let me start out by re-emphasizing that I LOVE the people I work with, but those girls eat and eat and stay stick thin. I mean, seriously, it's like the food inhales any ounce of fat they have left in their body then disintegrates. Come on now, really?! Meanwhile, I'm feasting on the cupcakes and onion rings left in the back room. 

Now, mind you, I don't consider myself fat or even close, but stick an apple next to a pencil and tell me the apple doesn't need to work out a little bit more. What do I do when I'm stuck inside just looking at them while I wipe the cupcake crumbs off my mouth? I'll tell you what....I repeat things I like about my body/myself in my head.

1. Yes, Jaime, MawMaw (grandma) did call you the President of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee, but it could be worse. You could have ginormous boobs that make you look bigger than you actually are and are hard to fit into certain pieces of clothing.

2. Those aren't love handles, they are curves. Work those curves. Own those curves.

3. It's okay that you aren't tall, because you're fun-sized. You can always stand in the front row because no one will complain about not being able to see over you.

4. You might have "t-rex" arms, as Chris calls them, but at least you never have to worry about long sleeves not being long enough.

5. According to the new Barbies, you are average. Success. 

That's all I've got. What do you tell yourself to make you feel better when you are feeling insecure? 

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  1. Girl, I think you look fab! The guys I work with were just having this conversation this morning--guys like women with a little meat on their bones! And I am learning to love my tiny boobs. At least they won't sag down to my knees when I'm 80!

  2. I love having small boobage! I've never wanted big ones. They get in the way, shirts don't fit right and you have so much cleavage to deal with. I definitely look like the Barbie on the right. In my head I wish I was the Barbie on the left and I'm working on changing that.

  3. I love this, and you are GORGEOUS! Embrace your flaws, and you will always think you're beautiful...because you are!!

    Loving the new barbies!

  4. I think I want to own the new Barbie so when I am in time of self doubt, I will just pull her out haha. And the itty bitty titty club is the cool one to be apart of it you ask me...I flaunt a no bra if/when I please! haha ;)

  5. I have quite the rack on me and it makes shopping HARD. Embrace what you have girl!