Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Pack That Crap Up

What do you do when you're a girl without a boy...to help you pack?

I've devised a list of tips here that I found personally useful during my packing experience this weekend.

1. This may or may not be the one and only time it is considered mildly appropriate to wear a fanny pack. The fanny pack will be carrying the packing tape, box cutter, and gum. Again, I want to re-emphasize that this is the ONLY time that it is alright to wear a fanny pack IN PRIVATE, unless your name is Big Deal Richard. <--BDR can wear his fanny pack all around Branson and no one will give him crap. (Love you Dad)

2. Reward yourself. I call my reward system the "bridal packing reward system". Why? Because for every box I packed, I was allowed to eat one popsicle. "Packing" on that weight before the wedding. Holla. Wait...that's not what you're suppose to do?!

3. Following up #3, reward yourself with ALL of the leftover wine/champagne/alcohol in the fridge. Who else is going to drink it. Packing partyyyyy!

4. Call EVERY man in your life and constantly nag them for 15 minutes about why they are not there to help you with this. At least daddy-o is flying in to drive the U-haul down. Guilt trip=success. Just kidding, he commented "I'm actually surprised they even let you rent the U-haul with your driving record." Sad, but true. 

5. Try to sell all the useless crap you have kept for no apparent reason what-so-ever. Why do I need a papasan chair? I mean, it was cool in 1986, but now it's just a pain to move from place to place and a nice little chew toy for the kitties.

6. Pack away each and every one of your 16 mac and cheese's with your wine box. All of your valuables should definitely be stored together, and with caution. 

7. Label every box "fragile-break and you die". Just so no one can mistake your intentions.

8. Show no shame. Try to sell all of your left over food to your friends before taking it to the homeless shelter. Okay, okay I'm just kidding...but not really.

Alright, that's all I've got for today. More advice to come this week, I'm sure. 

What packing tips do you have for me? 

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  1. Gotta love the fanny pack ;) Good luck packing!

  2. Haha I love this! It's so you and makes me miss you terribly!

  3. Advice: Name your valuables (alcohol) crystal instead of wine glasses/wine/whiskey- then no one would ever think to open and drink it :)

  4. Ugh we are getting ready to pack and move again for the second time this year... this will be handy! Especially since it's AFTER my wedding... i can eat all the popsicles I want!