Friday, July 12, 2013

We Want You!

Lindsey, at Follow the Ruels, and I are hosting a monthly "Favorite Things Giveaway"!

For as little as $10 you could participate in our group giveaway!

This is our fourth month hosting this giveaway: check out our past ones here, here, and here. On average our participants reported gaining 20-30 new readers, not including their social media followers.

In addition, group giveaways allow you the opportunity to meet other bloggers that you wouldn't have met or found on your own. 

We are trying to keep this giveaway to 8-10 people each month, because who really wants to enter all 253 entries....not me. With it being such a small group you really get more bang for your buck by giving us three links for entries. Lindsey and I are also open to your ideas for the prizes. 

If you are interested in participating and growing your blog, please fill out this form here. No one is denied, if we fill up spots before you fill out the form, you are automatically entered to participate the next month. We would love to have you!

We hope to start this giveaway on Monday, so you have until Saturday (tomorrow) at midnight to enter! Can't wait to have you participate!

Check out my new job and giveaway hereDon't forget to enter to win $350 cash!

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  1. It was so fun participating in the one I did. I really liked it.