Friday, July 5, 2013

Wedding Favor Advice

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by the lovely, Ms. Debbie, who asked if I ever allowed guest writers to post on my blog. After considering her offer for a guest post and the topic she wanted to write about, I was game.

Today, she's offering a little piece of wedding advice for all of you engaged gals- myself included. Check it out below. 

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How to decide on your wedding favors

One of the most fun parts of planning a wedding is picking out the favors! While I am researching ideas for my wedding, I want what I pick to not only reflect who we are as a couple, but I want it to be something my guests will really enjoy! Here are some points I am keeping in mind while deciding on my wedding favors.

First, I am thinking about the favors I have received while attending weddings of family and friends. What did I think of the favor and what (if anything) did I hear from other guests about the favor? One wedding I attended gave what was similar to a Christmas ornament with the couple’s names and their wedding date. It was cute, but this was a summer wedding and Christmas was the furthest thing from my mind. Also, as a friend, but not a close friend, why would I want a Christmas ornament like this? Like I said, it was cute, but would not have been my choice. So I am looking at favors that can have both a “neat” factor reaction from my guests, but could be something that will actually be useful.

Our wedding will be during the summer and we are heading to Florida for some beach time as our honeymoon. So one item I am considering is this starfish wine bottle stopper as a wedding favor from Wedding Paper Divas. To me, this is something that shares our honeymoon plans with our guests. Plus, it is something, I hope, our guests will use long after our wedding day is behind us.

All our friends and our family know that my fiancée and I enjoy the outdoors. So another favor I am considering is this tree saplingfrom the Arbor Day Foundation. Our guests can bring this sapling home and plant it with their family. Hopefully, it will take and they will have something that will truly last a lifetime! Plus, it will help support the efforts of the Arbor Day Foundation and work to preserve nature.

The final favor I am considering is something that will, just like the Arbor Day Foundation, help support those non-profits we donate to whenever possible. So we are thinking about picking one or two organizations and taking the money we would’ve spend on favors and make a donation to those organizations. Right now, my fiancĂ© and I are thinking of donating to a local animal rescue or our local food bank . Then, we will put a personalized note at each guest’s seat to let them know what we did. Hopefully, if we decide to go with this option, our guests will appreciate the thought!

What wedding favors have you thought of? Which wedding favors, if any, did you go with?

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  1. I love your ideas for wedding favors! I agree though with the name on this like the ornament. Unless your a really good friend or family I don't really want a candle, ornament, or favor with the couples name! They are adorable but I just would not have a use for it! I love all you ideas you had though, something people can use after the wedding or remember with the donation idea! I personally did a candy bar for mine, I got cute bags that the guest could take home and fill with candy for the trip home!

  2. For our favors we did a candy buffet. We had 20+ different types of candy. Our guests loved it and we didn't much candy left over at all.

  3. I agree, a bottle stopper is so cute! I do like the idea of a candy bar and matches with the date on them though!

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  4. Love these ideas for wedding favors, especially the donation to a non-profit. My husband and I love coffee, so for our wedding, we did coffee bean wedding favors that look just like these:
    They were a huge hit!