Wednesday, February 6, 2013

DIY Pinterest Jewelry Corkboard

corks, corks, corks
gorilla glue-target $3.99
8 X 10 frame- target $9.08 clearance
screw in hooks- target $3.29
cutco (or other legit brand) knife

Step 1.
either drink so much wine that you have enough corks to make your corkboard, or have some awesome friends that have collected enough to share with you :)
cut the majority of the corks in half, length-wise. cut 4 corks in half, width-wise. (may cut more than four if you want more than 8 hooks for necklaces).
i've found that you will need a legit, sharpened knife to cut through the corks.
Step 2.

arrange the corks in your desired pattern and screw in your hooks to the ends of your corks.
Step 3.
use the gorilla glue to glue down your corks. be careful because it doesn't stick right away. it takes a couple of hours to seal, so keep your frame laying flat until it dries.
and voila you're done! easy-peasy!

all in all, this project only cost me about $17 when it was all said and done.
next up to try...

              pallet pallet pallet



  1. That turned out soo cute! I love when the projects I read about through blogs are even cuter than the pins! Your jewelry looks fab on there!

  2. I am a total accessories girl and this DIY doesn't look too hard. Hmm, maybe when I get my "ladies sitting room" together I can even make it part of the decor.


  3. Really cool tutorial and very creative!

    Found you via OHP. Newest follower! :)

  4. Ok I have a huge bag of corks at home waiting for some crafting! I love this idea! Thanks for sharing :-)


  5. I have a couple wood panels out on our land and I have been wanting to look up some pinterest projects to try - now....I just have to convince the hubs! hahaha. lovely blog! excited to be following along from Shanna's link up! :)

  6. Love it! (Oh and by the way, I didn't get that cat necklace...but i may have to get's calling my name.) ;)

  7. Such a cool DIY! I always love to look at DIYs on blogs to see what new project I can do. This one is a must!

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  8. This is such a cute idea!