Friday, February 15, 2013

High Five for Friday

1. check out my new blog layout! i just keep looking at it! it's ahhhh-mazing! created by erin at love, fun, and football.
2. my sister is the bomb(dot)com! enough said. she bought me a dress from a.e. that i had looked at over Christmas break. she's the best!
3. be jealous of my's ok, they are awesome. mom sent a Valentine's day package with cans of cat food for her "grand-kitties" and reeses for me. (the dress and pandora charms are from my sister) again, be jealous. :)
4. my very first giveaway! yay! it's still going on, so check it out here!
5. packing for St. Louis! peace out homies! meeting up with chris (and yes, i did get my soon-to-be-engaged/married monogram on my bag)
alright, catch up with you cool cats later!

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  1. I hope you have a WONDERFUL time in STL. I love you best friend!

  2. Toby Tobe, Tilly, and I will miss you this weekend! Have fun!

  3. Awesome that you got a Valentine's day package in the mail! So sweet! Hope you have had a great week!!

  4. new follower! I love your monogrammed bag--I ordered that same pattern from thirty-one!