Friday, February 8, 2013

H54F: Toby Award Style

so, chris and i were talking about how almost everyone is peppy on here daily. does anyone have crappy days or embarrassing moments that they talk about???
well, i do. and i was trying to think of what to post for H54F this week, and nothing came to me. all i could think about was the sucky stuff.
for those of you that occasionally want to post about those times, i've created the "toby award". feel free to use it!
please copy and paste this picture in your post and link it back to my blog. that's all that i ask.

where did the "toby award" come from? the office.
try not to "toby out" this week.

please beware! some of the pictures below are graphic. and i am going to be pretty blunt. fair warning!


here's to you toby...
1. yeah buddy, got a small wart frozen this week. umm hello, totally gross and now beauty is pain. you're welcome chris. i expect lots of hand-holding next weekend.
2. it's kind of hard to see, but my phone has been crapping out all week. i have to charge it twice a day because it will not hold a charge. so, i took it into the apple store to get it diagnosed, they told me nothing was wrong with it but that i could spend $150 and get a new battery. (i'm eligible for an upgrade in a couple months), thanks.
3. again, it may be hard to see, but that is a chafe (spelling) on my leg from running. just a little reminder of my thick thighs rubbing together. thank you legs.
4. yep, that's toby. i've been giving him medicine all week and somehow he manages to be worse off than before. toby will always be the original toby award winner.

5. yeah, soooo everything goes on sale when i have no money and/or just made a big purchase. gotta love it!
anyway, that's my toby award/H54F week.
i promise next week i will be back to peppy, chippy bloggin' jaime. yay for the weekend!



  1. A) Deleted the original because I have more to say
    b) Cheer up, you get to see Chris next week
    C) I miss my best friend
    D) Riff Raff has sucked lately... you can find cuter close elsewhere
    E) I love you!!

  2. Thanks Whit! I've had a horrible day and you just made it better :) I miss and love you too! Thanks for stepping up your blog commenting for me ;)

  3. haha What a fun idea! Love The Office of my favorite shows too :) Hope you have a better weekend!

  4. LOVE this! I am hopping on over from yesterday's linkup :)

    XO Lourdes