Wednesday, February 20, 2013

It's Ok Thursday #3

Its Ok Thursdays
it's ok that...
1. i couldn't think of a dang thing to write about today.
2. because of that ^, i almost resorted to chris's generator.
3. thanks to all of you "the bachelor" fans, i am now catching up on all of the episodes
4. i went to walmart yesterday with a full shopping list and came out with this crap #fail.
yes...that is a rotisserie chicken, four cans of lima beans (why? idk), a bag of popcicles, popcorn, lemonade, coffee, milk, creamer, and edamame. i need to meal plan for one asap.

5. i have been listening to "dig two" by the band perry on repeat for the past week

6. i made the mistake of walking into target's clothing section yesterday with no shopping money allocated :(

7. i cannot get my desk cleaned after 1.5 days of meetings. i will hate to see what being gone for vacation will be like.
8. toby's vet check up is tomorrow. "he will be fine. he will be fine." chant it with me people! prayers sent this way would be great!

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  1. Sending positive thoughts for Toby's vet check up tomorrow!!

  2. Love the polka dot tops....I saw them at Target as well and had a very hard time walking away! Also, sending prayers for Toby your way.

  3. I hate when I go into target with no money :( SAD DAY and I normally then go and whine to anyone who crosses my path!!

  4. following from the link up! Your blog is adorable and lovvving it! I ALWAYS go in to the Target clothing section with no money, and than I spend way to mucch, it's a horrible horrible obsession:):)


  5. The grocery shopping thing is a weekly thing for me. I am horrible. I never get the things I need!

    XO Lourdes

  6. How's okay that I ate three entire rolls of sushi by myself tonight. Is it? Really?

  7. Hello visiting from the link up


  8. Lima beans?? What do you use those for? I've refused to eat lima beans ever since graduating from living at with my parents. (My Mom made me eat them.) lol!