Monday, February 4, 2013

Weekend Recap

friday night:
lenae and i had a craft night. reference the pinterest picture from earlier this week (on the left) and my recreation on the right. stay tuned for diy tutorial this week.

shout out to amy for all the corks to make this project happen:
i also ordered a custom blog layout from erin at love, fun and football! so excited to see what erin has in store!
i got my camera in this week, so lenae and i went out in the snow to take a few pictures. my new "about me" picture, the top picture, and all four of the pictures at the bottom (jumping pictures and cat pictures) were taken with the new camera. i particularly love the one of toby licking his nose.
church in the morning, deep cleaning of the apartment, and obviously the super bowl party with the girls. check out the great dips and macaroni bites we had. maybe this week we will feature some of these awesome recipes. :)

xoxo Jaime


  1. Love the craft project!! I wanted to make a cork board like that, but saving all those corks was a pain. So glad you had a friend help collect them for you.

  2. Sounds like a nice weekend! I may have to contact erin also for a new blog layout. I've been wanting one, but wasn't sure where to go.

  3. Your pinterest creation looks amazing!!

    I found your blog through the link-up, can't wait to read more!

  4. Sounds like a great weekend! I love your cork jewelry holder project! Your pic at the top is absolutely gorgeous! I also posted pics of my kitties from this weekend too! New Follower :)

  5. I just found your blog through Beth and Design Your Dwelling. Don't you love her?? Anyways, happy I found you. Love your cats, I'm a border line crazy cat lady. :) Looking forward to following along.

    My Polished Side Blog

  6. That jewelry holder is too cute! Visiting from the link up. :)


  7. Love the craft! And yay for a new camera! Looks like you got some really cute and fun photos from your shoot!