Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Must-Have Jewelry

Alright guys...let's talk about my 8 "must-have, staple" jewelry pieces for any outfit.

1. Every girl needs a simple, gold or silver, personalized necklace-whether it be a state love necklace or a monogrammed necklace. I wear this necklace with everyday outfits that don't require a statement necklace. The heart is located in the town Chris is currently living in. You can find a similar one here.
2. I am a HUGE fan of statement jewelry! I LOVE large necklaces that can be paired with simple tunics/outfits to give it just enough pop! This light green/mint necklace was a steal on Francesca's for only $24. I wear it with literally everything except black-- I have a couple other necklaces I wear with black. This one, however, is perfect for spring.
3. Simple earrings with a large necklace go a long way. I wholeheartedly believe you should only wear one large statement piece. These earrings match everything and you can wear them with nice/work/normal clothes. Find similar ones here. --I actually LOVE these similar ones and may order them--
4. I don't have an engagement/wedding ring...yet. **wink, wink Chris** Point of this comment, I wear "fashion" rings on each hand. Chris's grandma gave me this Pandora ring for Christmas last year and I wear it daily. It has a small diamond in the middle of yellow gold and the ring is sterling silver. I adore mixing metals. I think it is coming into style, therefore I love this ring.
*I would provide a link for you, but has anyone else noticed how ridiculous Pandora's site is to navigate??? If you have, you'll understand not providing the link.*
5. "My precioussssss"-insert Gollum picture here- faithful followers meet Kate Spade ring, Kate Spade ring meet faithful followers. If you can't tell, I love this beaut'! Is this not the most perfect everyday ring?! It's coated with gold and has a knot on the top of the ring. Pretty much anything Kate Spade gets me going. ;) You can find this bad boy here.

6. You can't go wrong with Pandora. (unless you're on their website) If you haven't invested in a Pandora bracelet, I highly advise you do so. I wear this everyday and, with the exception of three charms, have not spent a dime on this bracelet. Husbands, boyfriends, parents, friends, etc. all love this because it is a guaranteed go-to gift! Chris likes it because when Christmas rolls around, he knows he has a wishlist waiting for him at Pandora.

7. As a treat to myself for Christmas, I bought this Fossil watch. It's ahhh-mazing! The face is a huge boyfriend face with rose gold and it goes with everything! I'm all about buying things on the cheap, but you really can't get a good watch with a warranty on the cheap. You can find it here.
8. A couple Christmas's ago my brother got me this rose gold watch for only $40. It's a Relic watch from JCPenney. We all LOVE those Michael Kors watches, but you can get one that looks similar for 10x cheaper. Rose gold is huge right now and you really can't go wrong with a rose gold watch to wear daily. Find a similar one here.
Because Shanna Said So
Well, that's all I've got for my 8 "must-have, staple" pieces. What are your must have jewelry pieces?
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  1. Did you know that Fossil makes Michael Khors watches? Mind. blown. I love me some Fossil!

    XO Lourdes

  2. so we truly are SO much alike.. besides the name, state and significant other names.... I too have everyday jewelry and LOVE staple pieces. I have and wear my pandora, MK watch, Cross diamond necklace and diamond or pearl ear rings daily... and two rings (hoping you get your bling ring SOON!) then toss around what fun chunky or colorful things to throw in the mix! Only sad thing is i'm allergic to gold.. all gold and it gives me rashes itchies.. so only white gold for me most of the time but I have enough statement jewelry to equal a good weight just only wear it for a few hours at a time :)