Thursday, February 14, 2013

Relationship Advice from the Experts

Proud daughter to the parents that have been married 25 years.

(I mean, don't mean to brag or anything, but I pretty much have the best parents in the world.)

Now for some advice from the experts.


To the men:
(Courtesy of my dad)

1) You have to sleep sometime. If you have a fight with your wife and don't resolve it before you go to bed, the man can go to sleep. Your wife does not sleep, and gets angrier and angrier. YOU MAY NOT WAKE UP IN THE MORNING!

2) In the ninth month of a pregnancy, it is all the male's fault. The woman was not even present. To turn over, she throws the stomach and the body follows. She does not sleep. Be VERY nice to her, or YOU MAY NOT WAKE UP IN THE MORNING!

3) Survival for the male increases when there are three children. When the third child comes, you and your wife realize what it is like to be outnumbered. This will keep the male alive longer, because the consequence of killing you is being outnumbered by YOUR children.

4) When you get married, make sure that you are willing to live with the person you are marrying. Do not marry with the idea that you will change him or her.

5) Love in a marriage is not just an emotion, it is a DECISION. You will get upset at your spouse, but the DECISION takes you through the emotional up and down.

6) I do not understand how a single parent can survive children. When I was down, my wife was up emotionally. It was a blessing to have someone to share the ups and downs of child rearing, to balance me out.

7) Our vows were in front of God, no one else mattered. God holds both of us accountable to work through the problems.

8) In a marriage, you need to GET OVER YOURSELF. Trust your spouse to have your back. By learning to get over yourself, you come to understand the relationship between yourself and God.

9) Do not be gone more than 10 days from your spouse. You begin to believe you can handle everything yourself - WRONG!


To the women:
(Courtesy of my mom)
1) There was only one perfect person in the was not you or your spouse. He will let you down.

2) With that in mind, marriage is a covenant before God that you will remain faithful to the one He has given you. I think we should bring back the Old Testament ritual for the marriage covenant. Not much divorce then!

3) You will always be waiting on him. To ask you get ready to come home and hold bring you flowers. Then he will tell all to get in the car and then he will come 10 minutes later.

4) Do not let him hold his gripes in. This can be very detrimental on long road trips where all the muk is vomited out at once. Communication is vital and even if it hurts some.

5) Play fair. Oh and by the way, the cold shoulder doesn't work. Like Richard said, the men can sleep, you just get madder and madder until you pop a gasket. Not good cuz all those great speeches you had to bring your point home were burned away with your anger and you explode.

6) you must set up your boundaries from the beginning and never,never,never cross certain ones no matter how mad you are.

7) God ordained the two to be one. One that shares the work load, the disciple of the kids, the money...oh yes, the money. I highly recommend a separate splurge account for the wife...if only $100 a month goes in it, that she has complete authority to use as she pleases without judgement by him.

8) Love is a decision, not a feeling.

9) Choose your battles....some just are not worth it!

10) Love is for forever....cherish the time you have with this most amazing miracle from God --to find a person in all this world who loves you for who you are, and gives you aliittle glimpse on earth of Heaven.


That's all I've got for Valentine's day! Hope it helps! Don't forget to enter the giveaway here.

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