Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Take a Tour Tuesday

Week 3: Brenna's Living Room

What is your style:

"Colorful country" I love dark browns, and if I could afford some nice
distressed wood pieces I would definitely have those. The red furniture is
probably my best purchase of all time (maybe tied with my tv).

My family's house has always been warm and inviting and that's exactly the
look I was going for. I fill my space with photos of family and friends so
I can constantly be reminded of the wonderful people in my life.

Who or what would you say influenced your style:

I would have to give all the credit to my mom. Growing up I never
understood her reasoning behind bold pillows that didn't seem to match, or
sticks in a vase. But now my style directly reflects hers, with a few
additions of my own.

Where did most of your furniture come from:
Couch/chair set- Value City Furniture
End Table- Target
TV stand - Overstock warehouse in Louisville
Wood Candles- hand made by my dad!
Wall art- Garden Ridge
Frames-Joann Fabrics with pictures I took

What is your favorite thing/piece in your room:

I'd have to say my oversized chair because if I'm home I basically live in
that. But the wood candle holders were a gift from my dad. I showed him a
picture of some done on Pinterest, he totally surprised me on Christmas
morning when I opened up that present! Nothing else could measure up.

Well...that's it for week 3!

We'd LOVE to hear about any of the following:

1. What you think of the decor.

2. Suggestions for other decor options or ideas for improvements.

3. Any other questions you have that this questionaire didn't cover.

4. Opinions on this series...

Stay tuned for next week!



  1. Those wood candles are adorable! Would look perfect in my house :)

  2. I have wood candles like that...we made them for my wedding! Thanks for stopping by my blog Jaime...can't wait to follow along!

    XO Samantha